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November 3, 2003
Captain’s Blog
Meredith Etherington-Smith, better know for making UK-based magazine the Art Review just like Hello! and presenting a programme on dinner party etiquette, has also participated in the Centre of Attention Art Blog, a pursuit with a little more substance. From 13th September-13th October, art writers worldwide created an archive of art idioms that range beyond the banter of netties alone. The intimacy of blogging, unlike the slick art-speak of many magazines, resulted in writing bound by common interest, but more frank than many editors would allow. And by extending the public blog, the rest of us (without dinner party etiquette or our pictures in art magazines) can have our say too. – Charlotte Frost


by Corinne Field

The International Art Blog is a free online exhibition by London's Centre of Attention Gallery running from September 13 until October 13. Curators Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde persuaded 12 artists, historians, curators, art critics and writers from all over the world to contribute to the site by writing about the art scene where they live. These 'web-loggers' include editor-in-chief of the Art Review, Meredith Etherington-Smith, whose first blog reviews London's art-challenge week. She tells us what she thinks of some of the week's highlights like Hirst's new exhibition at the White Cube Gallery, his first for 8 yrs, and an exhibition of Lucian Freud's early drawings at the Timothy Taylor Gallery.

But it is not all exhibition reviews. RoseLee Goldberg, New York based web-logger and well-known artist, curator and historian, takes us on a driving tour of the Valley of A Thousand Hills in South Africa and the Dia Beacon in New York. Abner Nolan, a gallery director from San Francisco, gives us the low down on the US obsession with TV mediums. And AmirAli Ghasemi, a video artist from Tehran, tries to counter western preconceptions about third world art and tells us about Iran's recent interest in video art.

The International Art Blog is a great idea and a fantastic way of surveying the international art scene and passing on the latest news and views. There are links to all the galleries, exhibitions, videos and locations that are mentioned by the web-loggers. And there is also an opportunity to enter your own blog.

blog on, blog in, blog out

The Centre of Attention, galleria londinese diretta da Pierre-Alexandre Coinde e da Gary O'Dwyer, č, come galleria, decisamente anomala: non ha sede espositiva fissa, funziona come una azienda no profit ed č aperta alle proposte di artisti e curatori. Non deve dunque stupire che la sua ultima mostra, oltre ad essere online, non sia una mostra ma un blog. Attivo dal 13 settembre al 13 ottobre 2003, l'International Art Blog coinvolge un network di giovani curatori e critici da tutto il mondo, i quali nell'arco di un mese postano le loro riflessioni sui temi che il loro lavoro solleva in questo momento. Gli art operators coinvolti nel progetto iniziale sono 12, e delimitano una rete che ha nodi a Berlino e Teheran, San Francisco e New York, Londra e Mosca. Per l'Italia č coinvolta Chiara Somajni del Sole 24 Ore, che riflette sulle mostre milanesi, ma anche su quanto ha modo di vedere e fare nei suoi viaggi. In aggiunta ai blogger che costituiscono nodi fissi del network, il sito prevede un public blog attraverso cui i lettori possono farsi collaboratori, espandendo il network e rafforzandone le potenzialitą di informazione alternativa e di spazio aperto. (domenico quaranta)


from Submit Response:International Art Blog - cleverly unreadable design.

from Modern Art Notes: Ionarts tips me off to the International Art Blog (a temporary project). It's an ugly site, but the idea and content makes it worth the visual mess.


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