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The big screen beckons in (4 March 2009)

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The Big Screen Beckons

Has anyone ever told you you should be in the movies?

No? Not even as one of the DVD-only deleted scenes in Final Destination 7? Well, never fear, Action Diana - a new exhibtion, residency and film by Centre Of Attention , could change all that, starting from Thursday 5 March.

For one month, LJMU's striking new, £24million Arts Academy becomes a set, a production meeting venue, and a group show with other artists’ works selected as the backdrop. Fine art combines with film, performance and story-telling in what the Centre of Attention calls a ‘hot installation’.

The press release goes on, as art press releases tend to, with these words: "The contemporary exhibition as a display of inert, finished product has run its course. For the Centre of Attention, the moment of the exhibition is a locus for intellectual and aesthetic play and experiment as well as the opportunity to generate together material to work on at a future date."

Don't worry, we're going to ask them why they can't speak proper, like us. But still, the project sounds intriguing enough to grant them a 'Get out of Pseuds Corner Free' card.

" By pushing participation and installation to absurdity the audience has been dematerialised," they, erm, explain. Basically, those of us who pop along might be filmed and used in a future project. At least, we think that's what they mean.

"The work in progress will be screened in the gallery and on the internet daily to further emphasise the battle between artist and viewer to consume one another. The artist consumes the resources of the infrastructure for its own ends, while pretending it is for your benefit and your entertainment," they conclude, just shortly before we rip the press release up and eat it.

Our good friends at FACT, being used to such grandiose art-bubble doublespeak, handily translated it all for us:
- Artist duo Centre of Attention (Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer) is recreating a classic film (a secret - they're refusing to tell) shot-for-shot using members of the public
- There will be an exhibition (the film set and art work) at the new Art & Design Academy at LJMU, plus every week they will be filming people at FACT (Saturdays) and LJMU (Mon to Fri) from March 5 until April 4
- The resulting film will premiere at the (very first!) Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival of new cinema and digital culture this September




readers comments:

nice snoggin piccy. weird, huh?

comment by jay - 04/03/2009 03:54

Not as weird as what the artist's press release is going on about! Maybe they're "a locus for intellectual and aesthetic play'

comment by David Rolls - 04/03/2009 07:21