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KultureFlash, July 2003
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Ends Sunday 13 July (Fri to Sun 1 - 6pm)
@ Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, E2 (020.7729.0699 ) Tube: Old St.
Price: FREE

If you've noticed a surprising number of exhibitions featuring French artists recently, it probably has something to do with the Made in Paris: Photo/Video season, which has been taking place all over London since May (check out Kultureflash issues 43, 46...). As part of this The Centre of Attention, in conjunction with the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris is presenting the work of seven young French artists in Paris Beaux-Arts. The Centre of Attention, a non-profit, independent gallery of no fixed premises has literally been the alternative centre of all things new since '99, having shown work by British and international artists, including Sophie Calle, Fiona Banner, not to mention the infamous Franko B. The show, presenting five video and two photographic works responds to "the antivisual of post war intellectuals" and French academy-ism. Although elements of this filter through, this exhibition highlights other issues, which inevitably come out of such festivals. Work pulsates with artistic and cultural difference, and interaction (most obviously in Rada Boukova's My Way), but this show ultimately offers some fresh talent worth keeping an eye on.

NB: Artists include -- Eric Baudart, Rada Boukova, David Cousinard, Emmanuelle Laine, Mohamed Louanjili, Chen-Yu Wang and Virginie Yassef.

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