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Feedback and public responses to the installation in Beckford Tower

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Responses to the installation in Beckford Tower Bath


Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:33:42 +0100
De: "Heather Tweed" <heather.tweed@>


Dear Pierre

This is a slightly belated message but wanted to let you know I visited Beckfords Tower, Bath to see your installation & was disappointed
to discover that it had been taken away, unless of course it was an extremely clever bluff & the installation was actually the brilliant 'keeper' who regaled us with an excellent description of how disgusting yet clever the piece was and how it was in no way suitable for families.

It would have been fantastic to film him, he was realy well meaning & obviously struggling with the concept of Art being sculpture & painting
to his mind & the video not fitting & being disturbing but at the same time he realised that it had put there for a reason & people were visiting
to see the piece. It was a joy to talk to him.

Maybe your work there is done, the piece lives on& we certainly had never visited that wonderful building before.

Best wishes
Heather Tweed