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Programme notes
Programme Notes

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The Centre of Attention

The Centre of Attention at Wiltons Music Hall

Thursday 14th September 2000

Screening 8pm

The Centre of Attention is proud to present 13 artists:13 films at Wiltons Music Hall. The show includes emerging and established artists from around the world (Argentina, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, France) championing visual pleasure and exuberance in art film. "Art tolerates no dullness".

Participating artists : Franko B, Carlos Bayala, Matt Calderwood, Li Cassidy, Oliver Husain, Annis Joslin, Gary O'Dwyer, Orlan, Genesis P-Orridge , Steve Reinke, Anna Thew, Twenteenth Century, Emily Wardill.


1.Matt Calderwood Ground Experiment (6’30’’)
2.Anna Thew Steve and Peter (5’)
3.Annis Joslin For Kids (3’20’’)
4.Steve Reinke Spiritual Animal Kingdom (20’)
5.Franko B Aktion 398 in Torino (5’)
6.Twenteenth Century Untitled (2’)


7. Li Cassidy Mindrunner (Loop)


8.Emily Wardill Pass the Parcel (3’30'')
9.Oliver Husain Ron and Leo (13’)
10.Carlos Bayala The Professionals (4’)
11.Orlan Operation Reussie n°3 (8’30’’)
12.Gary O’Dwyer Prince of Hearts (1’15’’)
13.Genesis P-Orridge and Process Media Lab The Process is the Product (23’)

Entrance is free but capacity is limited to 300.
Wiltons Music Hall is the oldest surviving music hall in the world.

Thank you to Stephan Oriach and Saul Judd for their support.

We are also very grateful to Frances Mayhew and Broomhill Opera.

This event is sponsored by:

Corbans Guinness

How to get to the venue:

Grace's Alley, off Ensign Street, London E1 8JB
(Nearest tube: Tower Bridge, Aldgate East, Shadwell)

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