the centre of attention
Kay Walsh
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My work continues to be an exploration into the everyday. By focussing on the social and local landscapes we find ourselves in, the city the home, the street I intend to draw attention to the extraordinariness of these spaces. With the ever-increasing speed at  which we experience contemporary life it is hard to see anything at ground level. It is my intention to use technology and in particular video to arrest this visual experience. By reframing the often overlooked or incidental I hope to question how we see and interpret the constant stream of images within the everyday, opening up another space for contemplation. The image becomes a site for the play of desire, which as a viewer you are led to question through your field of vision. The work disrupts a coherent reading of a shared reality.




BA(hons) 1st Class, Critical Fine Art Practice, Central St Martins

MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University, London

Forthcoming Exhibitions: Isthmus, Danielle Arnaud Gallery London 

Selected Exhibitions 2002: Lost Hours at the Pump House Gallery, screening Rio Cinema Dalston, Portobello Film Festival Art, Chapter Arts in Cardiff