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The Centre of Attention presents versus
3 short consecutive exhibitions, each presenting 2 different artists
vs brings together 2 artists working in different disciplines
vs is a clash, a complement, a synthesis, a blind date and throws up a new visual stimulus, a new mental conundrum and fresh ideas.
vs highlights the fierce competition of the art world, altogether as fierce as biological or commercial imperatives.
vs: someone has to win.

Part 1
Thomas Raschke vs Abigail Durrant
Private view: Thursday 14th March, 7 to 9 pm
Exhibition open to 24th March, Thursdays to Sundays, 2 to 7 pm


* Thomas Raschke
Thomas Raschke
Abigail Durrant
Abigail Durrant

Thomas Raschke appears courtesy of Galerie Wieland, Berlin.
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