The Centre of Attention the centre of attention
House of O'Dwyer

Started 1999, in London, United Kingdom
Still based in London, United Kingdom

Selected exhibitions:
2004 Masks and Microphones, the Centre of Attention, London, UK
2004, ICA/ibid gallery/web, London, UK
2004 Depression, Parking & Atbin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 E2, Wiebke Morgan Gallery, London, UK
2002 Menagerie, Deptford X, London, UK
2001 Evolution, Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, UK

2004 Book: Network book for urban p/arts, Citymined, London/Brussels
2004 Catalogue: Mask and Microphones. Marco Livingstone, the Centre of Attention, London, UK
2001 Catalogue: Pandaemonium, Biennial of Moving Images, LUX, London, UK

House of O'Dwyer



The House of O'Dwyer pursues a questioning of art world assumptions, artists delusions and the sheer banality of the artist's endeavour, while at the same time mining a deeper seam of psycho sexual tension, combining both with a baroque povera aesthetic... Glue, board, flowers, a German florist, tape, masking, green, New York… Elements found on a desk marshalled composed inconsequential, frozen in time incomplete fixed, practice process, the noumena, the delusional, the presence of the artist, the limits of reason, each year a different configuration… Contempt, effortless inaction profound of thought, a visible outward sign of an invisible inward disgrace…

Green Tape, Masks and microphones series by House of O'Dwyer

Piece exhibited in Venice: Green Tape (Masks and Microphones Series), 55cm x 77cm, collage