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ALWAYS A LITTLE FURTHER curated by Rosa Martínez

Exhibition: 12 June to 6 November 2005
at the Arsenale, Venice, Italy
Vernissage: 9, 10, 11 June 2005

The Centre of Attention's Swansong (Schwanengesang)
an installation and webcast with works from:

Benedict Carpenter
House of O'Dwyer
Damien Roach
and Wolfgang Tillmans

Check documentation here (June 2005)

La Biennale di Venezia 2005



Since 1999 we have been engaged in the pursuit of the unnecessary on behalf of the contradictory. Where it can be asked Why? only time will tell.

Here and there, underground and established, resisting time and space, generation and geography, expansion and contraction; neither wave nor particle, a worm hole between the profound of mind blowing incalculation, and the surface skimming of a stone at great velocity, or the sweet feet of jesus supported by surface tension, we continue to draw back the veil on the convoluted and the ideology of now.

Avoiding high rememberdicular in favour of baroque povera and bond-working in the culture, transmitting an ethereliquary of ideas that won't burn, like new snow, light compounded into diamond life - like - sharpness of terror - desire - delusion.

Oscillating between two discrete states seeming to inhabit a third that can only be guessed at. What the eyes short circuit, content meaty, head, mind and eye together in hand, the life breath sucking, cocksure of the endeavour, positioned to collaborate, dictating aesthetics and yoking together philosophy and rationed resources.

If you don't feed the legend, the legend won't feed you.
Only as small or large as the significance granted this is the zone in out, without walls borders frontiers an artist marches on his mind onwards to a universal humanity beyond…

The Centre of Attention
February 2005

The Centre of Attention for Venice

to Clara Favero