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the truth about Susan Gescheidle



Installation (mixed media) dimensions variable 2006


This show is not just an expose, but it is also a profile, as well as a search for higher truths through looking at the particular and the knowable.
Of course anything to do with the truth must be, in art at least, a philosophical enterprise. What is the truth? What use is the function of truth? Does Susan Gescheidle even exist?
Truth exists on many levels, the biological, the social, the personal, the political, the physical, the chemical, the historical… all of them a minefield of contention

Then how reliable can our expose, our truth be? Is our relationship with her (she has commissioned us) compromising it? Is the source of this truth reliable? Are we selling something? Or are we just mythologizing?

This piece delves into the murky waters of the mythologizing nature of the human and the individual as a self-fashioning subject or if you like, a self-promotion engine…

This work looks at the truth about Susan Gescheidle by embracing the anecdotal (the medium of the myth) in the conviction that through doing so, bigger questions can be alluded to, examined and if confidence suggests even answered.

Each viewer, bringing their own prejudice as well as their delusions, will see what may not be there.

The Centre of Attention 2006



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