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the truth about Susan Gescheidle

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This latest exhibition by the Center of Attention is the summation of many months of thorough investigation and submersion in the primary and secondary sources. We conducted in-depth interviews with friends, family and acquaintances; went undercover to speak to erstwhile confidantes and former close personal aides of Susan Gescheidle.

This exposé of a Chicago gallerist and art dealer results in an installation as a portrait, a psychological profile made physical.

If truth is only to be had by laying together many varieties of error, we find ourselves exposing the truth at the same time as we expose ourselves.

the Center of Attention, August 2006


untitled by the House of O'Dwyer


See the truth about Susan Gescheidle at the Gescheidle Gallery
118 N. Peoria, 4th floor, Chicago, USA
Opening 8 September 2006

From 9 September until 7 October 2006
Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 am to 5 pm




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