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'On Produceability', A collaboration between alti aylik and nüans, Düsseldorf

New Talents Cologne
Anna-Schneider-Steig 2
50678 Cologne
16 to 24 August 2008

Apartman Projesi
Sehbender Sok. Asmalimescit Mah
18 July to 08 August 2008
Wednesdays to Saturdays, 4 to 8pm


For the exhibition On produceability, The Centre of Attention has created a musical score theme for. The sound reflects Anatolian influences and is inspired by the Centre's own art endeavours. The music was produced by Trio Krivoto part of kolektif Istanbul.


" 'On Produceability' is an internationally composed and organised groupshow that has its starting point in Istanbul and travels and develops throughout international venues. The project is about products, production and their placement in society. We invite artists to Istanbul to reflect on and refer to local conditions and global dimensions of production by creating new artworks. With their travel to Istanbul the artists have the possibility and opportunity to use the huge number of large and small manufacturing places. For their artistic purpose they can use this transparency of
production and take advantage of it..."
alti aylik and nüans

Adrian Lee / London; Ahmet Ögüt / Istanbul; Allen Grubesic / Stockholm; Anna Blessmann & Peter Saville / London; Asli Cavusoglu / Istanbul; The Centre of Attention / London; Claudia Weber / Berlin; Dirk van Lieshout / Rotterdam; Elmar Hermann / Düsseldorf; Elmas Deniz / Istanbul; Esther Kläs / Düsseldorf; Isa Melsheimer / Berlin; Jakob Kolding / Berlin; Jerome Symons / Rotterdam; Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber: Böhm Handelszentrum / Düsseldorf; Kim Schönstadt / Los Angeles; Kristina Stoyanova / Düsseldorf; Marjolijn Dijkman / Rotterdam; Maki Umehara / Düsseldorf; Reinaart Vanhoe / Rotterdam; Volkan Aslan / Istanbul. In production: Anna Heidenhain / Istanbul; Bliin / Amsterdam; Deniz Gül / Istanbul; Wynn Dan / Paris


the Centre of Attention thanks the British Council for their kind support

British Council