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Theo Cowley


The Harlequin Sits with the 7 Sins and a Character with No Character
part of Petit Pois, an exhibition curated by the Centre of Attention


Performed at Tate Modern, 4 July 2006 for the opening of Pierre Huyghe's Celebration Park

Theo Cowley 4 July 2006


Performance, as it is depicted in the work of Theo Cowley whether live or through a filmed scenario amounts to an emphasis on the performer as seeking a vocabulary of gesture and movement. The space that Cowley opens up in his work is one of studio-based rehearsal - the formation of dialogues between different disciplines as a form of physical communication.


The Harlequin Sits with the 7 Sins and a Character with No Character


A reading/recital as a dance. A translation. Don't forget it's in the context of an opening. Develop a language, movement. A vocal gesture/noise for each sin/quality. It doesn't matter what it looks like. It's about abstract emotions/ideas. The face, entering and leaving the dance. A jerky fit dance. Complete unawareness. Stillness. Judgment/the thinking gesture. Stepping out of the way, the Black Swan. Microscopic intent - holding in hands an object in that world. Faffing. The Harlequin sits in the corner depressed etc. An Injury. A vocal breakdown, a dance with the mouth. Hiding. Standing still, intent. Laughter. A lack of sense of humour/stillness. Ballet plies. A ballerina smoking in the street. Sincerity. A veil. A nagging sense of, A dance spoken. Standing in a room. The dancing man, the dancing woman. 7 attributes, virtues in the negative.


Petit Pois performance at the opening of Pierre Huyghe Celebration Park
Theo Cowley at Tate Modern


Petit Pois is organised by the Centre of Attention in collaboration with Sophie Kaplan and part of Paris calling, a season of contemporary art from France

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