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Tai Shani

Tai Shani studied fashion design and fashion photography in New York and Tel Aviv where she has worked for major style magazines. She has shown her work at the Haifa Museum, at the Haus am Lützowplatz and at Novalog, Berlin. In 2001, she had a solo show "Axl Rose you rock my world" at the Tal Esther Gallery, Tel-Aviv. She recently moved to London.

Tai Shani's videos, photographs and installations reflect the construction of gender. They especially examine how a body becomes sexed. They do not only recreate the female body from the viewpoint of "to-be-looked-at", but they also exemplify the deformation of body and identity resulting from this perspective. They thereby underline the power of definition that fashion has and portray pop as a field on which this power is executed.

Boy by Tai Shani

Boy by Tai Shani

Video stills

Beauty by Tai Shani

Doll by Tai Shani

Tai Shani at the Centre of Attention

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