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The Call for Ideas is now closed.

At the initial stage, the Centre of Attention has been seeking proposals for the re-imagining of Sutton Scarsdale Hall into a pavilion of postcontemporary curating. All ideas, gestural, utopian or pragmatic welcome.

This call was open to architects, designers, artists, curators and others. A longlist of design proposals is published here. Images below show the current -and past- state of the building.


Sutton Scarsdale   entrance to Suutton Scarsdale
Sutton Hall Building view   View from the building
The building in the 18th century   The entrance hall before the 1919 auction
Ground flloor of Sutton Scarsdale   The same hall today
Outside facade   facade detail
Interior detail   Interior detail of Sutton Scarsdale
Ceiling view   Sutton Scarsdale from the field
Sutton Scarsdale from above (courtesy the k team aerial photo)   Original plans




Contact: the Centre of Attention, 67 Clapton Common, London E5 9AA