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Brian Wasson
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Scratch-Off Paintings 1- 15

Ink, Canvas, Wood 2003

Typically art is an image. It has boundaries, limits, and is conceivable in a visual sense. Art is idealized and given value through either historical significance, fashionable status, or for its mere appearance as decoration. The "Scratch-Off Paintings" are, to some extent, a subversive sociological experiment that deals with the relationship between image and value, use and disuse, and significance. The experiment is the choice. Given that you should find one of the paintings in your possession, would the act of scratching through the blankness of the silver to retrieve an unknown image justify the images significance. Is the unknown image of more value that the known image? Can the blankness of the silver stand alone and be of value. Value in this sense can be defined as personnel, economic, or emotionally invested relationship one could have with an image. These are the questions put forward through the series of "Scratch-Off Paintings". At what point do the images, that surround us everyday, become valuable?