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The Gemeinschaft sculptures

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Gemeinschaft Sculptures Part 1 (Superclub, Edinburgh) 2011

by The Centre of Attention, (Gary O’Dwyer & Pierre Coinde)

Private view: 7-9pm, Sat 3rd September 2011 and to 18 September 2011

The Centre of Attention work presented here at Superclub is the outcome of many years of activity, research and inquiry conflating with an intensive burst of physical, intellectual and fabrication activity at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in August and September 2011.

The gallery space regroups a number of sculptures~proposals developed on location in Edinburgh and which include objects recycled from second-hand shops, dumps and building sites; as well as pieces made using traditional sculptural techniques such as wood and stone carving, bronze casting and moulding.

These works have been approached by the Centre of Attention as ‘open structures’. For them, the open structure means:

1) the exhibition creates the work: the Gemeinschaft Sculptures can be touched, handled, edited, transformed, improved, played, thought through, watched, worshipped…

2) within each work, the authority, the ‘hand’, but also the intentions and contradictions of the two artists are progressively undermined and subsumed through the visitors’ interventions and decisions.

3) while individual thought processes are reflected through formal changes and additions to the sculptures, the work’s open form makes it resistant to clarity and straightforward interpretation. Transparency can also hide the lies.

The Gemeinschaft Sculptures have been informed by ideas around transformations / metamorphosis as well as notions of archetypes, symbolism and ritualised / ceremonial space.



Tabula, 2011 Tabula can be played. A number of sculptures/objects are displayed on a base. Taking turns players can re-arrange one object per move to improve the tabletop installation. The game ends when no further improvement is possible.



  Door Piece 2011



  Gemeinschaft sculptures



Man Puddle



Vitrine / Punctum



Silver Birch Totem


Silver Birch Totem wall mounted





Gemeinschaft sculptures at Superclub Edinburgh



List of works:

Tabula 2011 See above

Door Piece 2011 Four elements, marble, slate and wood components make a simple self-supporting and self-contained sculptural expression. It is inspired by the functional for rent/ sale signs in many an Edinburgh window or doorway

Vitrine Punctum, 2011 A bespoke glass vitrine with holes in each side. Spende. Give. Find. A collection of things.

Silver Birch (Totem), 2011 This tree was cut down to make way for the new Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in Newhaven. The tree becomes a Totem/Fetish (For tribal heritage or worshipping the pagan gods/ appeasing the spirits. Add what you will.

Silver birch totem (wall mounted) x2, 2011 See above

Man Puddle – Mischief (Edinburgh), 2011 Painting that gives into gravity to physics, dead before it began, inert, entropic, reduced to the bare basics. The death of painting. The crime scene The forensic evidence.




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