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Mathieu Rouget
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Born in 1974, Mathieu Rouget graduated from Ensba in 2002. He has since taken part in many group shows and festivals (France, Paris: Brood of Cordeliers, Palais of Tokyo, Passage of Retz, Procédés Chenel, Vidéoformes, Very Short, cinema Balzac, l'entrepos, Divan of the World, Batofar, Ghost ship; Rhodannien Art Center, Belgrade, Vienna, Beyrouth...). Adapting his practice to both traditional and new media (drawing, print, ceramics, video, animation, Internet), he tends to address to the spectator in an often purified style. By the simplest means he tries to set up and develop an evolutionary but widely accessible visual vocabulary.

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Mathieu Rouget Norbert


Norbert, 1.33 mins, black and white video (2001)


Matthieu Rouget Norbert