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Catherine Rive: Twists of Fate 2
Catherine Rive, Twists of Fate 2, (1999)

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Catherine Rive: Paintings

8th to 24th October 1999

"Maps, plans and aerial views provide the inspiration for my work. Maps contain the essence of a journey, they show the past, the present and the future.
"The Story of my day, the story of my life, the story of how we met, of what happened before we met. And every story I begin to tell talks across a story I cannot tell. And if I were not telling this story to you but someone else would it be the same story"
Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries

My paintings explore the passage of time and the complexities of life's journey. Sources for my imagery are prehistoric signs and markings whose meaning has been lost, found and often reinterpreted with the passing of time. I am influenced by my surrounding urban environment; the transitory nature of this place, the constant attempt to decode and interpret the many layers of signs, symbols and markings; indicators of direction and position.

These works map this place.

They are a form of riddle: the viewer is invited to locate themselves, to decode them; but the meaning of familiar symbols used out of context becomes blurred.

Within the painting process, areas of the paintings are rough and scarred to imply something that has been. The paint is built up in a series of layers to evoke the passing of time. Measurements and indicators of scale are given without any direct reference - they only serve to confuse rather than orientate."

Catherine Rive, statement

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