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Viva la Republique ! Pagan images of the last Queen of the British Isles by her indigenous subjects.

With Genesis P-Orridge, Jamie Reid, Banksy, Andy Watt, Fiona Banner, Brian Jones, Tim Flitcroft, Josie McCoy, Jasper Joffe, Gary O'Dwyer, Tai Shani, Little Richard/Richard Torry, Mike Dawson

Opening Party on Friday 3rd May 2002, 7 to 9 pm
There will be performances at the Private View
Exhibition running to 1 June, Thursdays to Sundays, 2 to 7 pm
At the Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, London E2 8DN (Old St tube)

Window Gallery, Central St Martins School of Art & Design, 12 July to 9 August 2002

Bringing together for the first time seminal graphic and fine artists in a show to mark the Golden Jubilee of HRH QEII and the Silver Jubilee of Punk. Monarchy is dead, punk still alive.
Two questions concern us here:
Will we see the abolition of the monarchy? (it ain't personal, it's rational)
Can the punk sensibility sustain itself? , fuelled as it is by anger, opposition and the fight against boredom, kicking against the vested interest of the self serving elite.
At once calling for the abolition of the monarch, this show and gallery celebrate the spirit of punk, of bondage, of do-it-yourself cut and paste cultures that create opposition and will not tolerate conformity and the status quo.

Genesis P-Orridge

Genesis P-Orridge was summoned to appear before the courts in 1974 charged with indecent mail. These infamous queen postcard images and new work will be on show.

Jamie Reid's stint as the Sex Pistols art director resulted in some of the most provocative images of rock music. He revisits his famous victim.

Banksy has been described variously as "a crude, mindless vandal" and "the new Andy Warhol". His unique form of stencilled graffiti has elevated cardboard cut-outs to a truly artistic level.

Andy Watt is an illustrator. His work features weekly in Jacques Peretti's column in the Guardian Guide and Julie Burchill's column in the Guardian Week-End.

Fiona Banner has shown extensively in London and internationally including more recently Frith Street Gallery, Barbara Thumm in Berlin, and Murray Guy in New York.

Brian Jones graphic designer and Jamie Reid's situationist accomplice is a regular magazine contributor. Norma Queen brings out the Marylin in the Queen.

Tim Flitcroft is a young fine and video artist found his inspiration in prostitute's postcards.

Josie McCoy leaves aside her celebrated EastEnders and Royle Family portraits to take on Lucien Freud's recent miniature of the Queen.

Jasper Joffe will do something big, probably at the last minute. He also would like us to tell you about his next show The Bold and the Beautiful opening 8th May at Mile End Park.

Gary O'Dwyer curated many of the shows at the Centre of Attention and has an upcoming exhibition in June with Deptford X.
Tai Shani will show a video featuring her Majesty.

Little Richard/Richard Torry infamous avant-garde performers and DJ will create a three dimensional likeness of the Queen.

Mike Dawson is a prominent young artist, gallerist and art editor based in Manchester. He will present a text based portrait of the Queen.

For images or more information, call Pierre/Gary on 020 7983 4251


Andy Watt

Brian Jones

Tim Flitcroft

HRH Queen Elizabeth II at the Centre of Attention

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