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The Centre of Attention at
platform for current art stages at Art Rotterdam
Ptojector Art Fair Rotterdam

Former Post Office
Coolsingel 42
6 to 10 February 2008
13 to 19.00 every day


From the 6th to the 10th February, the Centre of Attention makes Rotterdam its port of call and in the context of Art Rotterdam, brings at Project(or) works from 15 artists.

For this art fair, the Centre of Attention will rely on some of the traditional stanchions of the art market: discernment, discrimination, fetishism and commodification, exclusivity, opacity, restriction of supply.

Putting paid to the illusion of democratisation of the market and fairs as a medium for entertainment or education, our stand will be restricted to 'art players'. This in turn will provide them with the optimum viewing condition for the work and a private, comfortable and unique art experience.

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Having gained entrance to this privileged art viewing operation you will be seated in the calm and reflective environment provided by the Centre of Attention and able to select from a catalogue of our artists the works you wish to examine further before purchase.

The Centre of Attention, February 2008

with works from:

Al and Al
Boyle Family
Marisa Carnesky
Tyler Coburn
Brice Dellsperger
Sylvie Fleury
Jasper Joffe
House of O'Dwyer
Stina Ostberg
Tai Shani
Markus Vater
Andrea Winkler
Frida Yngstrom
Hendrik Zeitler


Hendrik Zeitler