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pose Plastique Murcia October 2010
Obama löst sein Ticket für den 4. November, digital print, 2008



P o s e P l a s t I q u e
by the Centre of Attention

A performance in collaboration with Artsadmin (UK)


Thursday 7 October 2010, 6 to 8pm: Exteriori Iglesia Veronicas, Murcia (preview)
Friday 8 October 2010: Centro Parraga, Patio de Cuartel de Artillería, Murcia (preview)
Saturday 9 October 2010, 12 to 8pm: Centro Parraga, Patio de Cuartel de Artillería, Murcia (public viewing)


Pose PlastIque is a collaboration with the public that constitutes a Performance.

The Centre of Attention selects photographs produced by the print news media of the region during the exhibition. It then attempts to replicate the photograph using the public. With the original photograph treated as a score, the process is regarded as a Performance.

The photographs produced will go on to be exhibited with the title of the article or caption of the original photo, with the effect of producing an absurd, moving or thought provoking work and experience.

The Centre of Attention is interested in the idea of the collaborative production of art and will often use the public as a material and instrument to create an artwork.

The Centre of Attention’s sensibility also exemplifies a number of urgent philosophical and aesthetic priorities:

  • A lightness of touch: work that is not contingent on financial investment, infrastructure or fabrication.
  • Art as a by-product: what is the function of art?
  • Genre defying: blurring documentary, fiction, commentary, activism and fine art.
  • The primitive: the feudal folk idea of celebrations where the world is turned up side down and social positions are reversed.
  • Prosumer: consumers as producers.
  • The post contemporary: versus the contemporary longing for Romantic heroism.


Pose Plastique by the Centre of Attention
Does this picture show British soldiers broke Geneva Conventions?, digital print, 2009


Manifesta 8 paralelos eventos Murcia 2010
Iran seizes Nobel Winner’s medal, digital print, 2009


Artsadmin: Founded in 1979 and based in London, Artsadmin is a unique producing organisation for contemporary artists working in theatre, dance, live art, visual arts, and mixed media. A talk by the Centre of Attention will take place February 2011 at Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, London.

With thanks to: Sara Serrano and Alfredo Cramerotti at Manifesta, the Milton Keynes Gallery and Thomas Frank at Brut Wien.



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