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The Paper People are Little Richard, Michael K and Richard Torry

"With the butt of a rake I flake up Papers that breathe like People,"
-Sylvia Plath
"Hurry along ! What a sight ! Feast your eyes ! You'll see them all ! Paper 4 paper, hand it over OH I LOVE YOU !!!!
This is somewhat like a zoo, folk are friendly How do you do. Yes, Madam, u can touch. Not hard though, for they must perform their song and dance."
-The Master

Inspired by Sylvia Plaths desire to be 'Naked as Paper' ex international fashion designer now avant garde dole scrounger RICHARD TORRY formed the Paper People with pseudo cultural commentator LITTLE RICHARD POWERS in Jan 2000.
The reason ? To turn their traumas into a meal ticket.
A whole year of blood, sweat and tears has transformed them into the millionaires of their fantasy.
"The Paper People are a collection of enchanting characters. They are where 'high' art meets 'low'. Capturing the imaginations of everyone from infants to pensioners Hollywood surely awaits the Paper People."- The 2 R's
Happily for you those charitable boys at the Centre of Attention gallery & Notting Hill Arts Club, have made it possible for you to experience the Paper People right where it all began....at the bottom.
So the chance of an incredible exhibition/evening for you the audience and a second million for those second nature naturalists the Paper People.

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