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Oreet Ashery

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40 drawings, felt pen and glitter

Oreet Ashery is a London based visual artist working in live art, video, 2-D image making, objects, text and the internet. Her work tends to take the form of an interdisciplinary site specific event with audiences as participants. Oreet is interested in the conceptual and process based side of art practice and hence research and every day life are an integral part of her work. The practice looks at personal politics and its complex relationship to social realities, at identity and cultural politics, and at the nature of an art practice. Oreet has an ongoing interest in the intersections between Jewishness, race, gender and the Arab and Muslim world.

Occasionally Ashery will produce work as a character. Her characters include a rabbit, a black man, and a fat farmer and currently a new Muslim man character is developing. Marcus Fisher, an orthodox Jewish man is Ashery's most consistent character, for information about Marcus Fisher's interventions, interactions, videos, stills, and reviews go to The interactive Internet project was commissioned by

Her body of interdisciplinary work 'Welcome Home'. 'Welcome Home' is about returning and where one might go to find home: a place, an era, a state of mind, a hobby…

Ashery's work has been shown extensively in the UK and internationally in art spaces, cinemas, and site-specific spaces. Most recently ; OK Centre for Contemporary Art (Linz), Arnolfini (Bristol), Liverpool Biennial, Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana), Kontejair (Zagreb), Herzeliya Museum (Israel), FABO (Toronto), Foxy Production (NYC), Galeria de Arte Mexicano (Mexico City), NGBK Gallery (Berlin), Centre of Attention (London).

Ashery's work has been reviewed in various publications including: Time Out, the Village Voice, Circa, Flash Art, Dazed & Confused…She has been working as an educationalist for many years including; teaching and lecturing at the RCA, Westminster and Surry institute, running and devising public and community art projects and working with video in prisons.
















  Oreet Ashery - interdisciplinary art

Born in Jerusalem 1966. Lives and works in London.


1998 - 2000 MA Fine Art, Central St Martins, London.
1989 - 1992 BA Hon's Fine Art Sheffield Hallam University.
1987 - 1988 East-Midlands certificate in Performing Arts and Photography.

Solo exhibitions
performance 2003, Foxy production, Chelsea NYC, October 2003
Say Cheese, prints, Bluecoat Art Centre , Liverpool January 2003
7 Acts of Love, Still & Bruch gallery, Berlin. Jan-Feb 2002
7 Acts of Love, Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2002
7 Acts of Love, Foxy Productions, Brooklyn NY, July 2002

Live art ,installations, digital
7 acts of love on line -Centro Cultural Telemar, Rio de Janeiro, ME electronic art show.
7 acts of love on line - projection, Transevasilties conference, University of Reading
Bentornato - Welcome Home, event, Turin, Part of more Fools in Town. By ACW
7 Acts of love on line - interactive live internet based project commission by
e-2. org + live event at the Great eastern Hotel March 2004.
Will You Cook For Me? - dinner performance with Daniel Ashery, Home, London
Its been a Long Time - site specific video installation at Apex travel agent , Dublin, part of Project Art Space event - No Respect
Property from the 3rd Floor ROH - Video installations, 1-2-1 interaction, performance at the Royal Opera House, London
No Vitrines, no Museums, no Artists, Just a lot of people - performance/workshop with Rirkrit Tiravanija, telecom tower, Venice
Score by Ken Friedman (Fluxes) - performance at the Centre of Attention, London
Central Location/Treatment - video installation, interactive performance, 291 Gallery,London

Occupation I, II The Case of The Rabbit - video installation/performance, Zagreb
Occupation I, II The Case of The Rabbit - performance, Hull Time Based Arts, UK
Occupation I, II The Case of The Rabbit - performance, 291 gallery, London
Central Location - Site-specific live interaction/installation, NGBK gallery, Berlin
Disguised - Public-interaction, story reading, adaptation of B. Singer
Marcus Fisher - Intervention, dancing with orthodox men, north of Israel
Say Cheese & 7 Acts of Love- OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria
Say Cheese - Live interaction, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK

Say Cheese - Live interaction, hotel room, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool Biennial.
Say Cheese - Live interaction, domestic bedroom, Foxy productions, NYC.
Say Cheese - Live interaction, hotel room, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Colored Folks - Video, photographs, workshop, NRLA, Glasgow.
Say Cheese - Live Interaction, domestic curator's bedroom, NGBK Gallery, Berlin.

Say Cheese - live interaction, domestic bedroom. 'Home', London.
Back in Five Minutes - performance/lecture, Hoxton Distillery, London.
Marcus Fisher intervention- Centre of Attention at Notting Hill Arts Club, London.
Marcus Fisher -Its Too Late Baby performance+sound piece - OMSK, London.
Marcus Fisher intervention - National Review of Live Art, Glasgow.
Colored Folks - multi mediums performance with Shaheen Merali- Toynbee Hall.
Open Surgery - site specific interactive live art installation with Svar Simpson, invited by FADO Toronto

Mixed up questioning collaborations - Event, Void gallery, London.
Marcus Fisher club performances - Fridge, London. Akademia, Brighton. Duckies, London.
Marcus Fisher's street interventions - Turkish Men's cafe , Berlin.
Soho, London. Beach, Tel Aviv. Other interventions unrecorded.
Marcus Fisher's Wake performance/party- East End Collaborations, London.
RKD in relation to the local regeneration - Intervention Brixton arcade.
Marcus Fisher intervention - eXpo Live Art Festival, Nottingham.
Central Location free hair cut service to the public - Windows Gallery , Central St Martins College, Charing Cross Rd, London.
Trans - Kulturwohnung , international domestic residency program, Berlin.
Moot Point - Camping intervention, Bobo Gallery, South London.
Marcus Fisher Video as Performance night - performance , Lux cinema, London.
Marcus Fisher Signs of Loyalty - Video Installation on 4 monitors and 3 screens, 3rd International Transgender Film Festival, Lux Foyer, London.
Magnum Opus III - Time-based installation, collaboration with Daniel Rubinstein Beit Haomanim Gallery, Jerusalem,
Magnum Opus II - Interactive live art installation/camping intervention /photographs, collaboration, 68elf Gallery, Cologne
50 Years to Hiroshima - Night Intervention in Leather Lane Market, London.
Magnum Opus I - collaborative live art /sound work, Showroom Gallery , London.

Group exhibitions
Los retratos de Dorian Gray curated by Raul Zamudio Galeria de Arte Mexicano
anthro/socio curated by raul zamudio artist:network gallery NYC
No Respect - site specific works, Dublin/ Project Arts Space
X-travagant - Century Gallery, London, UK
Intervention - John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton,UK
Wonderyears - NGBK, Bethanian, Berlin.
The promise, the Land - OK centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria
Private Views - London Prints Studios Gallery, London.
Over Dressed- two persons show - Launch Gallery, London.
Like Gold Dust - Angle Row Gallery, Nottingham. prints, End of Culture I-III

Dalston Underground - Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher I, London.
Jews, Blacks, Gypsies and Other Free Radicals - wall collage, Marcus Fisher, Centre of Attention Gallery at Notting Hill Arts Club.
A Man, A Woman, A Machine - Colored Folks, Centre of Attention gallery, London.
John, I'm Only Dancing - Prints, Marcus Fisher in Soho, Margaret Harvey Gallery, Hert. Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.
MA Degree Show - prints- Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1-5, New Developments. Pinnies -New Arrivals. Interaction - Central Location. Central St Martins College, London.
Sexmutant - Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1-5, Nunnery Gallery, London.
London Post-Colonial City - prints, White Dreads Architectural Association, London.
The Kindness of Strangers - Print, Marcus Fisher, 139 Gallery, Amsterdam.
Outfit / International Photoszene - Print, Marcus Fisher, Cologne.

Single screen works
Video work distributed by Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin and Foxy production gallery

Shopping list for Live Art - Everything you wanted to know about live art
Pool Art Fair, NYC - Dancing With Men
291 Gallery, London - Treatment

'The pleasure Dome', curated by Raul Zamudio - NYC, Dancing with Men
Blowing Up - London, Dancing with Men, Occupation I, II.
Rencontres internationales Paris/Berlin - Berlin, Marcus Fisher's Wake
RainDance festival, Trocadero ,London - 'occupation I, II'
291 gallery, London, act 0.1 - What is it Like for You
V.I.D, der Dampfzentrale Bern, Switzerland- Why Do you Think I left?
Foxy Production, NYC - Treatment, Untitled 03, Its Too Late Baby.
Century Gallery, London - Men Dancing
John Hansard Gallery, UK - Why Do you Think I Left?
St Saviors Church, London - Men Dancing
Clerkenwell Video Festival, Blowing Up, London - 1970s art V art 2000
25HR, International Video Art Show, Barcelona - Marcus Fisher's wake ( MFW)
OK Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria -Why Do You Think I Left?, MFW
Bethanien/NGBK, Berlin, Wonderyears - Central Location Video
Fix 02, time-based festival, Belfast, - Marcus Fisher's wake
Paris/Berlin Actart film festival - Marcus Fisher's wake, Colored Folks
Art in General, gallery NYC, 5th Annual Video Marathon - Why Do You Think I Left?

Liverpool Biennial, Bluecoats Arts Centre - Say Cheese video 3hr.
Bethanien, Berlin.Centre of Attention - Marcus Fisher's wake
Green Room , Soho, London, Centre of Attention - Marcus Fisher's wake
ANTI festival, Kuopio, Finland , LADA compilations - Marcus Fisher's wake
Foxy Productions, Brooklyn NYC - Why Do You Think I Left?, Marcus Fisher's wake

'Home' Salon 17 - Why Do You Think I Left? Its Too Late Baby
Women in the Directors Chair Film Festival, Chicago. - Marcus Fisher's wake
X night, Lux cinema, London - Marcus Fisher's wake
Olympia Transgender film festival - Marcus Fisher's wake
Kino Lab, CCA,Warsaw, Watching People Watching You - Marcus Fisher's wake
National Review of Live Art, Glasgow - Colored Folks
Notting Hill Arts Club, Centre of Attention - Marcus Fisher's wake
Living in the Material World conference, Brighton University - Marcus Fisher's wake
Live Art Development Agency artists' video screening, Zurich.
Live Art Development Agency artists' video screening, Roots festival, Hull. Open Surgery, Toronto - video program, Marcus Fisher's wake
Galapagos cinema, NYC, Centre of Attention - Marcus Fisher's wake

East End Collaborations, London. - Marcus Fisher's wake
Blowing up, the House of Detention, London - Marcus Fisher's wake
Blowing up, the Foundry, London - What is it Like For You
MA Degree Show, Central St Martins, London. - Marcus Fisher's wake
Sexmutant, video screening program, Nunnery Gallery, London- MFW
Alma College, Tel Aviv - Marcus Fisher's wake
EXpo, Live Art Festival, Nottingham - Marcus Fisher's wake
National Review of Live Art, Glasgow - Marcus Fisher's wake
Coventry University, artist talk - Marcus Fisher's wake
Rio Cinema, London - Its Not About Sex
Artists' House Gallery, Jerusalem - Its Not About Sex
Rio Cinema, London - Sea-saw
Exploding Cinema, London - Sea-saw
Blowing Up, The House of detention Sea-saw

Published/reviewed/artist text

Performing Difference - publication by Manick Govinda and Rohini Malik Okon Artsadmin 2005
Monograph Shaheen Merali - collaboration Colored Folks by Jean Fisher 2005
Flash art - Performance 2003 solo show, January 2004
Vivarium - Arts Council England, artist text, live art and education
Israel - palastina, Rundschau, Linz March 2003
Israel sehen, Israel verstehen? Mal sehen. Linz, Austria, maech 2003
Angst zieeht der Kunst die Zahne. Von Almuth Spiegler, Vieena, march 2003
Begrenzte identitaten - review, Profil, Vienna, March 2003
Unorthodox art gets live airing - preview, Western Daily Press, Emma Smith, Feb. 2003
ArtFan - Photographs and review. Serpentine Gallery publication - Jan 2003
Marcus Fisher - Photo+text. Art Tomorrow book - Edward Lucie-Smith Nov. 2002
Bil Bok - French art publication - Photographs - Oct. 2002
Transgressing the Sacred - Article - Rachel Garfield - Jewish Quarterly , Summer 2002.
Performing Arts Review - Review + photos 'Say Cheese', Taiwan. Dec 2002
Over Dressed ( Marcus fisher) - Review - Time Out, Sarah Kent, June 2002.
Over Dressed ( Marcus fisher) - Preview - listing Art Review, June 2002.
Over Dressed - Preview - Sleazenation June 2002.
Marcus Fisher - Review/Article/photos - Freitag10, Berlin, March 2002
Professional development - article + photos - Artist News Letters March 2002
Exposures - book - 20 Live artists. Photographs and text. Black Dog Publishing.
Marcus Fisher Alter Ego - CD-ROM + Booklet 500 copies limited edition.
Marcus Fisher Alter Ego show - review - Taz, Berlin Jan. 2002
Marcus Fisher Alter Ego show - preview - Prinz, Berlin Jan. 2002
Marcus Fisher 'Say Cheese', London - review - Circa art magazine Spring 2002
Marcus Fisher - article - Fantastic Voyeurs by Fred Vermorel, Village Voice
Literary Supplement, Nov. 2001 .
Crossing public arts project - On line Psychogeography magazine
Open Surgery - review -Toronto Star, Ontario , Canada, September 2001.
Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1 - photo - She's My Baby magazine, What's Up, Amsterdam May 2001.
Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1 - photo - Article on London based Live artists,
Dazed & Confused magazine March 2001.
Self Portrait as Marcus Fisher 1 - photo - Article on London based Live artists,
Dazed & Confused magazine March 2001.
John I'm Only Dancing - group review - Scotsman July 2000
De/Territorialized Practices - Paper by Oreet Ashery - Living in the Material World, Coventry University. ISBN 0905949846
Magnum Opus III - Review - Ha'heer, Jerusalem July 1998.
East End Fictions - Interview by Richard McKeever - Rising East Volume 2 1998.


Part updated Sept 2007. For further information, please visit Oreet's website here.