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Production meeting 2



Production Meeting


Thursday 22 November, 1.30 pm

at Valand School of Fine Arts
Vasagatan 50
411 37 Göteborg


Saturday 24 November, 1 to 5 pm

The future of the biennale?
Talk and panel discussion on the occasion of the Göteborg Biennal with Pontus Kyander, Augustine Zenakos and Pierre Coinde / Gary O'Dwyer
at Konstepidemin
Paviljong 8
Konstepidemins Väg
413 14 Göteborg


Sunday 25 November, 1 to 6 pm

Production Meeting 2
at bezdomny
Tredeje Långgatan 13a
41303 Göteborg


Swedish version

Temaeftermiddag, lördag 24 november kl KONSTBIENNALENS FRAMTID? 13:00–17:00
Konstepidemin, Paviljong 8, Konstepidemins väg, Göteborg

• Pontus Kyander, journalist och curator, presenting international art biennales as a global fenomena. (språk: engelska)
• Augustine Zenakos, direktör och co-curator för Athens Biennial, discussing her experiences and the reception of : "DESTROY ATHENS".
(språk: engelska)
• Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer / The Centre of Attention, London, presenterar sin verksamhet och biennaler ur ett praktiserande perspektiv. (språk:
• Paneldiscussion the future of Göteborgs Internationella Konstbiennal.
Annica Karlsson Rixon, artst, Sinziana Ravini,
artcritic, Erik Åström, representative from the national artboard
(språk: svenska/engelska)

25 November på Tredeje Långgatan 13a
Vi tar farväl av Biennalen

13.00-18.00 "Production Meeting" med den Londonbaserade konstnärs/curator-duon "The Centre of Attention"
Vi välkommnar alla att komma och interagera i söndagens "Hot Installation" Konstnärer uppmanas att ta med verk och portfolios

18.00-23.00 Releasefest för det första nummret av fanzinet " Bezdomny on Paper

Under kvällen presenteras vad som producerats under dagen och vi tar avsked av Göteborgs internationella konstbiennal tillsammans med DJ Miriam Cords och vi har äran att precentera
Farzin Hawrami med band.



For Production Meeting 2, the Centre of Attention will be on location aiming to pursue the production of a number of works. The art space becomes a set as well as a production meeting venue, in what we call an active or "hot installation".

While pursuing the production of a number of video works, filming tests, script editing and performance, the Centre of Attention will be available the whole time to meet artists, discuss and review proposals and portfolios.

Uncertainty, provisionality and the lack of a defined product sees the moment of the exhibition, not as the culmination/fruition of a process, but as a production site for preliminary research and work to be completed at a later date (maybe).

One avowed aim of Production Meeting 2 is to turn the audience into fodder for our work: in this model, the viewer becomes the labour rather than participant, and the artist becomes the consumer, utilising, feeding of, bleeding the resources of the infrastructure, the space and the public… for the realisation of their own ends.

Our version of a production meeting may not bear any resemblance to what passes for a production meeting in the corporate world.


With thanks to Frida Yngström and the Bezdomny team Magdalena Rapala, Stina Östberg, Staffan Hjalmarsson and Maria Karlsson. For more information on bezdomny, visit their website.