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Matti Isan Blind
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Matti Blind, born 1975 in Pusan/ Korea, BA Fine Art Chelsea College of Art, London, lives and works in Berlin and London

"Absult Boredom"

A man sitting down, his face hidden under a veil, his torso naked, exposed to our gaze. The veil over the head grows and shrinks in size, its vivid colours stand in stark contrast to the gentle pastel shades of the body. M. I. Blind has combined elements of tension and threat with intimate and erotic qualities to make up an image that nevertheless resists an unambiguous reading. Instead, it is open to viewersą associations and memories. It is a dream-image, haunting and evocative. But the intellectual associations are not random. The statement is limited by the motif and an astonishing, low-tech style of execution, charging the moving image, which seems comprehensible at first, with the realities of potential threat, fear and naivety. The white, boyish body indicates a stereotypical middle-class existence, the morphing head marks out new and unfamiliar mental territory. Behind the middle class world lurks a remote world of aggression and repression, self-deception and obsession.