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Marisa Carnesky

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Marisa Carnesky




Evoked by folktales, urban legend, magic illusion and burlesque, Olivier Award winning showwoman Marisa Carnesky has been making inter-disciplinary performance work for over a decade.
Her work explores themes of cultural identity, sexuality and war.

She has been creating performance projects and theatre since 1993 and her shown her work extensively in the USA, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Japan. Her major works include the solos Jewess Tattooess and Magic War and the group shows C'est Barbican and Carneskys Ghost Train.

Inspired by her own Eastern European heritage and an interest in live performance in the fairground, Carnesky's Ghost Train was her groundbreaking multimedia theatrical dark ride which premiered in 2004. It ran for a two month season at Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane, East London followed by national and European touring.

Marisa Carnesky also tours her solo shows and works on a project basis with theatre, dance and circus companies and tours a number of cabaret pieces.

She originally trained as a dancer at the Laban Centre, London, and at the University of Brighton. She has received a number of awards - Olivier Award Best Entertainment 2004, Edinburgh Festival Herald Angel Award 2005 and Time Out Best Theatre Award 2004. In 2003 she launched the UCLA Live International Theatre Festival in Los Angeles and has also developed a decade-long collaboration with the collective Duckie.