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Marisa Carnesky: The Jewess Tattoess

Marina Carnesky was trained as a dancer, visual artist, and performance artist in England. Since 1993 her performances have been shown in many places in Great Britain, both in theatres, galleries, clubs, and festivals.

In the last five years she has performed on a regular basis in nightclubs and cabarets in London. Her shows combine modern performance with the spectacular style of the cabaret and the freakshow.

In the performance "Jewess Tattooess", Marisa Carnesky puts her Jewish background to the fore by challenging one of the dogmas of Judaism: that the human body must not be blemished by mutilations or tattoos. She lets her own markedly and beautifully tattooed body be the focus of a work that examines her relationship to Jewish culture and the Holocaust: It is reminiscences of the tattooed numbers on the bodies of concentration camp prisoners that are being made manifest. During the performance, Carnesky has a Star of David tattooed on her body.

"Jewess Tattooess" is a performance that employs elements of Yiddidsh and victorian melodrama, the macabre French Grand Guignol theatre, and the German expressionist films of the twenties. A video of her recent Copenhagen performance will be shown.

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