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The Centre of Attention magazine No3
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As part of LUX OPEN 2003, the Centre of Attention invites you to the launch and screening of the Centre of Attention Magazine No3 this FRIDAY 25 APRIL at 7PM at the ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU. Entrance is free.

'a clever way to summarize the exhibitions and events of an unorthodox space the Centre of Attention Magazine surveys (the gallery's) activities including performances and interviews...More concerned with ideas than production, the video is a spin on the home movie: an intimate rough-around-the-edges glimpse at an imaginative, resourceful enterprise.' Tema Celeste review of the Centre of Attention Magazine N2

This edition contains:

Film and Video by a variety of artists

Documentation of gallery shows curated by the Centre of Attention

A record of unique art performances and actions

An exhibition space for artists

Media interviews

This third VHS edition presents works or images of works, performances, media interviews or documentation from more than 40 artists exhibited at the Centre in the past year including: Lee Adams, Laura Ball, Banksy, Fiona Banner, Matti Blind, Jessica Broas, Jubal Brown, Benedict Carpenter, Susan Collis Seth Damm, Mike Dawson, Sylvie Fleury, Tim Flitcroft, Kiernan Griffin, Kristian Hornsleth, Rachael House, Amanda Hughen, Jasper Joffe, Brian Jones, Simon Lewandowski, Josie McCoy, David Medalla, Nosolomusica, Gary O'Dwyer, Susanne Oberbeck, Genesis P-Orridge /Jackie Breyer, Scott Redford, Jamie Reid, Little Richard /Richard Torry, Paul Rooney, Tai Shani, Konstantin Skotnikov /Dmitry Bulnygin /Slava Mizin, Maiko Sugano, Markus Vater, Kay Walsh, Brian Wasson, Andy Watt.

The Centre of Attention Magazine is an annual publication. Screenings of the previous magazines have been held at the Green Room (Soho, London), Galapagos (Williamsburg, New York) and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Kreutzberg, Berlin). The first edition with 33 artists participating was a paper edition curated by Gary ODwyer with the theme of magazine, portraiture and the found image to the fore. The second, on VHS, contained media interviews, documentation of shows and Art Video. The third follows this template. Price: Magazine N3 50, Magazine N2 50, Magazine N1 150. Each is a limited edition of 50.Previous buyers and current subscribers include Tate, several British and European Universities as well as individual collectors. Only 50 signed numbered copies of each magazine are produced thus making them limited edition art objects. To order or subscribe, contact Pierre or Gary on



The centre of Attention magazine at Lux Open, Royal College of Art



Lux Open 2003 With particular thanks to Sarah Wood and Ben Cook at the Lux and to James B Hollands at the Horse Hospital.