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Oreet Ashery is a London based artist. Her interdisciplinary practice encourages a dialogue between live art, interventions, video, sound, photography and text. The work is shown internationally in galleries, cinemas, clubs, homes, the streets, live art and film festivals. Oreet is interested in the slippage between art and life, the status of small rituals, further mutations of current art practices, and notions of the site-specific event with audience as participants. Her work uses politics of the body in relation to culture and location.

Shaheen Merali is an artist and curator based in London. He is currently a researcher at the University of Westminster and a lecturer at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. He is currently exhibiting in the group show Whats wrong? at the Trade Apartment, London.

Photography by Manuel Vason and Lisa Giulia.

Shaheen Merali

Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery, Shaheen Merali & Oficina Humana at the Centre of Attention

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