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Production meeting



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Production meeting at intermedia CCA Glasgow




Intermedia Gallery
350 Sauchiehall St

Private view: Tuesday 24 July, 6 to 9pm
Opening times: Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 July, 11am to 6pm


For Production Meeting, the Centre of Attention (*1) will be onsite (on location) for the duration aiming to pursue the production of a number of works. The gallery becomes a set as well as a production meeting venue, in what we call an active or "hot installation".

Filming tests, script editing and performance will be done against a back drop of a contemporary art show which includes painting, photography, etc (*2). The Centre of Attention will be available the whole time to meet artists, discuss and review proposals and portfolios while pursuing the production of a number of video works including 'Remake', 'Boo', and the as-yet-untitled staging of a mass fight in the gallery at the opening.

Uncertainty, provisionality and the lack of a defined product sees the moment of the exhibition, not as the culmination/fruition of a process, but as a production site for preliminary research and work to be completed at a later date (maybe).

One avowed aim of Production Meeting is to turn the audience into fodder for our work: in this model, the viewer becomes the labour rather than participant, and the artist becomes the consumer, utilising, feeding of, bleeding the resources of the infrastructure, the space and the public… for the realisation of their own ends.

Our version of a production meeting may not bear any resemblance to what passes for a production meeting in the corporate world.

(1*) The Centre of Attention is a gallerycuratorartistschaft started in London in 1999. Related works include: Winnebago (2007), The Miracle of Limerick (2006), Prosumer (2006), On Demand (2005), Embedded (2005), The Curators (2004), Swansong (2004), Search Engine (2003), Aperitif (2003)...

(2*) Participating artists include: House of O'Dwyer, Hayley Caradoc Hodgkins, Colin Tennant

Part of "It's not hard" curated by Anthony Schrag at Intermedia Gallery
Production Meeting Hayley Caradoc Hodgkins Gary O'Dwyer Pierre Coinde