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Reality Manifestos or can dialectics break bricks?
Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna)
Waehringer Strasse 59, 2nd Staircase, 1st Floor, 1090 Wien
19 January - 3 March 2012. Opening on 18 January, 19h


Pierre Coinde /Gary O'Dwyer
The Centre of Attention
67 Clapton Common
London E5 9AA

tel +44 20 8880 5507



Gemeinschaft sculptures
Superclub gallery (Edinburgh)

Pose Plastique
At home with the Ludskis (Rio Cinema, London)
Edinburgh Sculpture studio

Untitled Gallery (Manchester)

Tabula sculpture
Gemeinschaft sculptures

The death of bin laden
Pose plastique


Momento Difícil
a programme curated by the Centre of Attention for ResoVision, Resonance104.4fm's four-day television channel live from Frieze art fair with Camille Henrot, David Critchley, Adam Chodzko, Damien Roach, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Markus Vater, Virginie Yassef, House of O’Dwyer, Richard La Rue, and Thomson and Craighead

Pose Plastique
Centro Parraga (Manifesta Murcia)

the pavilion of postcontemporary curating: a semi-staged total art work
Project outline
Call for ideas
Press conference Derby QUAD
Longlist of architectural proposals
Screening at Wirksworth Festival (2010) and Rio Cinema (2011)





Pose Plastique at Brut
pose plastique


Lost & Found present: Graham Hudson and the Centre of Attention
Milton Keynes Gallery

Free art fair
Barbican (London)

AND Festival
FACT (Liverpool) and Cornerhouse (Manchester)

Action Diana (Mount Stuart)
Mount Stuart (Isle of Bute, Scotland)

Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin Madrid
(Berlin, Paris, Madrid) curated by Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Rettig
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin) and Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid)

Action Diana
Liverpool John Moores University and FACT [Foundation for Art and Creative Technology] (Liverpool) curated by John Byrne and Kate Taylor (images)

True riches
Live Art for the ICA, curated by Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton

Lost & Found
Milton Keynes Gallery

Mount STuart Isle of Bute
Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute

Action Diana
action diana (Liverpool)


Architectures of survival
Outpost for Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) curated by Komplot

Kingdom of Darkness
Karlsplatz, Brut Künstlerhaus (Vienna) curated by Thomas Frank

Free Art Fair
19 New Quebec Street (London) curated by Jasper Joffe

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (Stockholm) curated by Peter Hagdahl with Frida Cornell (images)

Le Plateau FRAC Ile de France (Paris) curated by Caroline Bourgeois and Elisabeth Lebovici

theme for and winnebago (Cologne)
with nüans at New Talents (Cologne) and at Apartman Projesi (Istanbul)

Pose plastique, Waltzing dollies und andere
Brut Wien Konzerthaus (Vienna) curated by Thomas Frank (images)

The Centre of Attention
Mejan Labs, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Stockholm) curated by Björn Norberg and Peter Hagdahl (images)

Production Meeting 3
ArdBia (Berlin)

things that go bump in the night
Cafe Gallery Projects (London) curated by Clare Goodwin and Liz Murray (images)

art in the life world
Ballymun Old Swimming Pool (Dublin) curated by Aisling Prior (images)

double entry
Project(or) platform for current art stages, Art Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
Al and Al, Boyle Family, Marisa Carnesky, Tyler Coburn, Brice Dellsperger, Sylvie Fleury, Jasper Joffe, House of O'Dwyer, Stina Ostberg, Tai Shani, Tomo, Markus Vater, Andrea Winkler, Frida Yngstrom, Hendrik Zeitler (images)

Swansong in Kingdom of Darkness
swansong (Vienna)

The Centre of Attention at Mejan Labs
Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft (Stockholm)


Production Meeting 2
bezdomny (Göteborg)

Kunsthalle Winterthur (Winterthur) curated by Oliver Kielmayer and Dimitrina Sevova (images)

The Centre of Attention Magazine No 4
31 March: Whitechapel Gallery (London)
16 June: Les Abattoirs (Toulouse)
29 July: Publish and Be Damned Fair (London)

17 November: CCA Book Fair CCA Glasgow (Glasgow)

The oubliettes of Wolstenholme
Wolstenholme Projects (Liverpool)
Oreet Ashery, Ron Athey, Vanessa Bartlett, Ann Course, Camille Henrot, Seulgi Lee, Tony Chestnut Brown people's poet of Liverpool, Eric Rosoman, David Sherry, Jamie Torode, Markus Vater, Adam Vaughan

Free Art Fair (London)
curated by Jasper Joffe

Production Meeting
InterMedia, CCA Glasgow (Glasgow)
An installation/performance with works from Hayley Caradoc Hodgkins, House of O'Dwyer and Colin Tennant (images)

Chamberlain Square (Birmingham), commissioned by Capital Art Projects

Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft
nüans gallery (Düsseldorf) (images)

Plymouth Arts Centre (Plymouth) curated by Paula Orrell

Istanbul Modern (Istanbul) curated by Rosa Martinez

so sad
Guy Hilton Gallery (London) curated by Mark McGowan

La discorde in Aggression
la discorde (Kunsthalle Winterthur)

The oubliettes of Wolstenholme
the oubliettes of wolstenholme

Gemeinschaft and gesellschaft
gemeinschaft and gesellschaft


Petit Pois
performances (London)
14 June: The House of O'Dwyer at the Barbican
4 July: Theo Cowley at Tate Modern
14 July: Rachel Brooksby at the Camden Arts Centre
19 Sept: Relâche (hommage to Picabia) at the Whitechapel Gallery
28 Sept: Eileen Perrier at the Photographers Gallery
26 Oct: Children at Bischoff Weiss
31 Oct: Julie Wells at the V&A
18 Nov: Anthony Schrag at Carter Presents
23 Nov: Ben Cummins at Anthony Reynolds

fast and loose (my dead gallery)
Fieldgate Gallery (London)
New Vision Centre, Signals, London Free School, Indica, Arts Lab, Gallery House, The Gallery, 2B Butler's Wharf, Fantasy Factory, Art Meeting Place, B2, NeTWork 21, The Women's Art Library/Make, BANK, workfortheeyetodo

Protections (PROSUMER)
Kunsthaus Graz / steirischer herbst 2006 (Graz) curated by Adam Budak and Christine Peters

The truth about Susan Gescheidle
gescheidle Gallery (Chicago)
An installation with works from Franko B, Jessica Brouder, Robert Heinecken, House of O'Dwyer, Karin Kihlberg, Steve Reinke, Dani Leventhal, Cath Rive, Mariah Robertson and Ken Weaver (images)

re/location I: Sanatorium
Schauspielhaus Zürich (Zürich) curated by Matthias von Hartz

the miracle of Limerick
Giv(e)way, ev+ a 2006 (30th annual, 6th biennial Exhibition of Visual Art), Limerick City Gallery of Art (Ireland) curated by Katerina Gregos

Leaving on a flat-bed picture plane (London)
John Armleder/Team 404, Emi Avora, Calum Colvin, Donna Conlon, Gareth Jones, Valérie Mréjen, Frida Yngström (images)

fast and loose my dead gallery
fast and loose (my dead gallery)

leaving on a flat bed picture plane
leaving on a flat bed picture plane


frisbee, room 101, Cavalier Hotel, Ocean Drive

the Centre of Attention
Mercer Union

Fodder in PILOT (London)
The Centre of Attention ft. Franko B, Breyer P-Orridge, Jessica Brouder, Ben Carpenter, Ann Course & Paul Clark, Tyler Coburn, Dave Critchley, Sam Ely/Lynn Harris, Ken Friedman, Katharina Heilein, House of O'Dwyer, Jasper Joffe, Susanne Oberbeck, ERIC Rosoman, Markus Vater

Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation
Center for Contemporary Art
, Ancient Baths/Bania Starinna, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 8 October to 8 November curated by Dimitrina Sevova

On Demand (London)
Oreet Ashery, Guerrilla Girls, Ben Morieson, Eileen Perrier, Markus Vater (images)

Always a little further
Arsenale, 51st Venice Biennale (Venice) curated by Rosa Martinez (images)

The Centre of Attention at the Rio Cinema (London)
Al+Al, Allsopp and Weir, Sebastian Buerkner, David Critchley, Bernard Debaillie, France Dubois, Dan Kennedy-Martin, Susanne Oberbeck, Breyer P-Orridge, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Mathieu Rouget, Anri Sala, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Nicolas Schöffer, Erica Scourti, Wolfgang Tillmans, The Vacuum Cleaner, Thomson and Craighead, Myriam Thyes and Erwin Wurm

Nicolas Schöffer - a found exhibition
Villa des Arts (Paris)

On Demand
on demand

Swansong at the venice biennale
swansong (Venice Biennale 2005)


The 3rd Centre of Attention Art Prize (London)
Al + Al, Chris Aldgate and Lee Johnson, Isobel Brown, Helena Kvarnström, Thomson and Craighead (images)

Boyle Family (Internet)

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

The House of O'Dwyer (London)

Ken Friedman (London)
Fluxus concert images 3 April 2004 conducted by Ken Friedman with Oreet Ashery, Darryl Biggs, Mertxe Cano, Eleanor Cracknell, Deej Fabyc, Tim Harrison, Davida Hewlett, James Hollands, Darran Leaf, Isabella Zuhal Parla, Yann Perreau, Tai Shani and Andrea Winkler

Baroque Povera (London)
Jessica Brouder, Babak Ghazi, Damien Roach, Andrea Winkler

the curators
the:artist:network, Soho (New York)

baroque povera at the centre of attention
baroque povera


feat. (London)
Al + Al, Oreet Ashery, the estate of Hans Shielder, Simeon Banner, Benedict Carpenter, Rosie Cooper, Greg Daville, Eveleigh and Evans, Nooshin Farhid, A.M.Hanson ('alexcalledsimon'), Jasper Joffe, Tina Keane, Josie McCoy, Wiebke Morgan, Eileen Perrier, Brian Reed, Catherine Rive, Tai Shani, Erasmia Stravoravdi feat. the Centre of Attention

Aperitif (London)

International Art Blog (Internet)
Matti Blind+Lotte Møller, Adam Chodzko, Meredith Etherington-Smith, AmirAli Ghasemi, RoseLee Goldberg, Dave Muller, Abner Nolan, Steve Reinke, Martha Rosler, Chiara Somajni, Johnnie Walker

Paris Beaux-Arts (London)
Eric Baudart, Rada Boukova, David Cousinard, Emmanuelle Lainé, Mohamed Louanjli, Chen-Yu Wang, Virginie Yassef (performance: Emmanuelle Laine)

To predict the future you must change the past
Beckford Tower (Bath)

The Centre of Attention Magazine No3
Royal College of Art (London)

The Center of Attention Search Engine
Spanganga Gallery, Mission District
(San Francisco)

Gobbledygook (London)
Jessica Broas, Susan Collis, Kristian Hornsleth, Simon Lewandowski, David Medalla, Gary O'Dwyer, Breyer P-Orridge, Scott Redford (performance: John Rogers)


The Centre of Attention at Shoreditch Church: Art Video Screening (London)
Franko B and Tim Etchells, Michelle Barber, Matti Isan Blind, Sylvie Fleury, Matthieu Laurette, Trine-Lise Nedreaas, Gary O'Dwyer, Tai Shani, Paul Rooney, Konstantin Skotnikov, Dmitry Bulnygin, Slava Mizin, Markus Vater, Kay Walsh (performance: Lee Adams)

The second Centre of Attention Art Prize 2002 (London)
Benedict Carpenter, Eric Rosoman, Becky Hunt, Martina Mullaney, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson, Erasmia Stravoravdi, Danny Treacy (performance: Wiebke Morgan)

EMail Art (Internet)
Simon Faithfull, Sylvie Fleury, Ken Friedman, Jenny Holzer, Simon Poulter and Andrew Childs

Viva la Republique! Pagan images of the last Queen of the British Isles by her indigenous subjects
Genesis P-Orridge, Jamie Reid, Banksy, Mike Dawson, Andy Watt, Fiona Banner, Brian Jones, Tim Flitcroft, Josie McCoy, Jasper Joffe, Gary O'Dwyer, Tai Shani, Rachael House, Little Richard and Richard Torry (performances Little Richard/Richard Torry and Rachael House)
at the Centre of Attention and at Window Gallery, Central St Martins School of Art and Design (London)

Versus (London)
Otiose vs. Marty St James
Tai Shani vs. Kristian Hornsleth
Thomas Raschke vs. Abigail Durrant

The Centre of Attention Magazine 2
the Green Room, Soho (London)
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


A Man, A Woman, A Machine (London)
Gary O'Dwyer, Carly Rogers, Leon Steele, Liu Zheng, Oreet Ashery and Shaheen Merali

The Centre of Attention Magazine No 2
Galapagos, Williamsburg
(New York)

Jasper Joffe (1975 - ) (London)

Gypsies, Jews, Blacks and Queers and other free radicals: nu elementz in Performance Art
Notting Hill Arts Club (London)
Oreet Ashery, Marisa Carnesky, Roney Fraser-Munroe, Larry Large, Gary O'Dwyer, LRP, Paper People (Richard Torry, Little Richard, Michael K), Dave Pop, Tomomi Takahashi, Andy Watt

Eric Heist & Genesis P-Orridge (London)
(performance: Little Richard)

The Centre of Attention Permanent Collection (London)

Eileen Perrier (London)

The Centre of Attention Painting Prize (London)
Mel Brimfield, Luke Caulfield, Claire Heathcote, Wawa Kosugi, Josie McCoy, Gary O'Dwyer, Catherine Rive, June Sira, George Toth, Markus Vater

2000 (London)

Sebastian Hempel

13 artists : 13 films at Wiltons Music Hall
Genesis P-Orridge, Orlan, Franko B, Steve Reinke, Carlos Bayala, Matt Calderwood, Li Cassidy, Oliver Husain, Annis Joslin, Gary O'Dwyer, Anna Thew, Twenteenth Century, Emily Wardill (programme notes)

The Centre of Attention Magazine No 1

Josie McCoy

Nooshin Farhid

Katharina Heilein

Franko B

1999 (London)


Catherine Rive

Tomorrow belongs to me: Gary O'Dwyer

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