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Katharina Heilein
Katharina Heilein, Regular places (1999)

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Katharina Heilein: Change of use

9th March to 1st April 2000

What defines the use of a space? A water tank can become a swimming pool. An appartment, an art gallery. Imagination can subvert the expected. Through looking, one can encounter the ideal.

Submit your proposals to the authorities now for a "Change of use".

Katharina Heilein has been constructing, researching and imagining the transformation of spaces into ideal places for all. Patents, plans, models are all combined in her practice.

"The promise in Art and the Art of Promise are ongoing subjects in my practice, in the sense that the work speaks about what could be "just there", dreaming action within the sphere of the banal and everyday, where common interests refuse the dictates of the pre-ordained and the official use of things.

I try to use the particular "other" of an artwork to indicate and promise more "otherness" in the Real, thereby giving evidence about the similarities rather than the differences between art and other arrangements

In a series of models and photographs, water tanks found on top of New York's roofs and in London's City fringe and Bermondsey are subject to conversions into spaces available to the public for business and pleasure."

Katharina Heilein, statement

The show received coverage in Building Design Magazine.

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