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Jessica Broas
Susan Collis
Kristian Hornsleth
Simon Lewandowski
David Medalla
Gary O'Dwyer
Breyer P-Orridge
Scott Redford

Performance from John Rogers on the 7th February
Sound piece for the exhibition from Miss Jackie Breyer and Genesis P-Orridge

Press View and reception for Friends and Attentionistas : Friday 7 February 2003, 6 to 8 pm

Show continues everyday from 8 February to 1 March 6-8 pm with 23 daily private views at the Centre of Attention, 15 Cottons Gardens, London E2 8DN, UK


Gobbledygook - Sex in Art: denial, obsession and obfuscation

"Obscurity and vagueness of expression is always and everywhere a very bad sign.... those who put together ambiguous discourse do not really know what they want to say: they have no more than a vague consciousness of it which is only struggling towards a thought: often they want to conceal from themselves and others that they actually have nothing to say."

"The genitals are, far more than any other external member of the body subject entirely to the will and not at all to knowledge."

"The poet presents the imagination with images from life and human characters and situations, sets them in motion and leaves it to the beholder to let these images take his thoughts as far as his mental powers will permit. That is why he is able to engage men of the most differing capabilities, indeed fools and sages together. The philosopher, on the other hand, presents not life itself but the finished thoughts which he has abstracted from it and then demands that the reader should think precisely as, and precisely as far as, he himself thinks. That is why his public is so small. The poet can thus be compared with one who presents flowers, the philosopher with one who presents their essence."
All quotes taken from Arthur Schopenhauer "Parerga and Paralipomena"



The title of this show references the often cited obscurantism of art theory and impenetrability of much philosophy. It also serves to draw a link between talking incoherently and at the same time giving pleasure to another: the word gobbledygook deriving from the name given to the action of a whore performing fellatio and swallowing semen (the 'goo').

Thirdly the title suggests the denial, by talking nonsense, of the concealed sexual impulses that are channelled into art practice and are the root of much of its production. The sublimated pleasure that art affords is brought to the surface, eschewing guilt, shame and helping us to see more clearly what the life and nature of the human is.

Artist's works selected for this show all have a relationship to these different but closely related ideas of denial, obsession, obfuscation, interpretation and delight.

Dispensing with normal gallery opening hours, Gobbledygook at the Centre of Attention will be open daily for private views each night 6 to 8 pm for the duration of the show.

Curated by Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde. Entrance is free. For images contact the Centre on 020 7729 0699.

    Jessica Broas Susan Collis Kristian Hornsleth Simon Lewandowski
    Jessica Broas Susan Collis Kristian Hornsleth Simon Lewandowski
    David Medalla Gary O'Dwyer Jackie Breyer and Genesis P-Orridge Scott Redford
    David Medalla Gary O'Dwyer Breyer P-Orridge Scott Redford
    John Rogers      
    John Rogers