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Gary O'Dwyer
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Gary O'Dwyer is an artist and gallery curator who works with photography, film and painting and his experience of different mediums is much in evidence in his latest series of works.

The videos feature ideas melded from all three. The resulting videos are a synthesis of the worlds of art, film, philosophy, fashion and entertainment; this year's model, with a definite twist. The artist himself sees the works as being 'a meditation, as well as reflecting upon unspoken undercurrents of desire'. The intention is to create works that reflect the process of the mind more than any perceived reality and the result is indeed the reflection of those highly original thought processes, and other things beyond.

Gary O'Dwyer lives and works in London. He has also worked as a curator for the Centre of Attention Gallery since 1999. His work has been in film festivals and screenings and he exhibits painting and photography on a regular basis. He studied Critical Theory at Sussex University and Fine Art at Central St Martin's in London. His current projects include writing art reviews and editing a video magazine of artist's film projects.