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the Free Art Fair 2009


The Free Art Fair 3
The Barbican
Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

12-18 October 2009



The Centre of Attention painting at the Free Art Fair


"The Free Art Fair will take place for the third and final time in London in 2009 at The Barbican. The art fair where all the work is given away at the end will be the biggest best most fun version ever. For once instead of art going to the highest bidder or those who can afford it, someone who really loves an artwork will be able to have it for free. Artists participating will be asked to incorporate the idea of free into their work by making work that they always wanted to make but felt like they couldn’t. The Free Art Fair is made entirely without any budget with everyone giving what they love or do best for free." Jasper Joffe


works by: Artists Anonymous, Phil Ashcroft, the Centre of Attention, Maria Chevska, Matthew Collings, Jimmy Conway-Dyer, Sacha Craddock, Stuart Cumberland, Adam Dant, Marlene Dumas, Stephen Farthing, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Jaime Gili, Rose Gibbs, Alex Hamilton, Peter Harris, Pablo Helguera, Russell Herron, James Howard, Catrin Huber, Saron Hughes, Lee Johnson, Sayshun Jay, James Jessop, Jasper Joffe, Sonia Khurana, Peter Lamb, Cathy Lomax, Amanda Loomes, Robin Mason, Bruce McLean, Hugh Mendes, Alex Gene Morrison, Chloe Mortimer, Stephen Nelson, House of O’Dwyer, Henrik Potter, Harry Pye, Danny Rolph, Martin Sexton, Bob & Roberta Smith, Terry Smith, Eva Stenram, Matthew Stone, Geraldine Swayne, Chris Tosic, Josef Valentino, Markus Vater, Edward Ward, Michael Ward, Douglas White, Charlie Woolley.



The Centre of Attention painting at the Free Art Fair


Painting by the Centre of Attention at the Free Art Fair


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