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A.M.Hanson ('alexcalledsimon')

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`Simon Dearest... (Them Buff)` /for "Featuring"- The Centre of Attention at Century Gallery mixed media 2003 (montage,card,elastic,straw,glue,satin).
(sizes/ approx. 41x23x11cm)

A mixed media `hollow/nest/shade` made in response to the one brief meeting between artist and curator (Pierre Coinde,who was wearing an eye-patch at a party/art happening) before call and agreement to contributing to this `show within a show` at Century Gallery. The title comes in part from an awkward yet funny email exchange,which momentarily saw the two at cross purposes and also a reference to the montage itself. The work is a reaction to this meeting and optimistic future projection.

A.M.Hanson (who also uses the tag "alexcalledsimon") is a London based artist and photographer whose urban/eco/loco `personality` concepts such as "Country Tramp", "Missy Island", "Susan Tripod" and "Rebel Against Thing" present themselves to the world in a range of guises and formats.

His photographic work has been exhibited widely and published in art books such as "Leigh Bowery" (Violette Eds.), "We Love You" (Booth Clibborn) and elsewhere.

During the past year photo-work has been exhibited in London (Queer Nation at Elms Lester Painting Rooms) and mixed media in Tokyo (for Yoke & Zoom at Rice+). There have also been several actions and performances of his songs and texts.Photographic work included documenting an experimental film shoot by Wolfgang Tillmans of The Paper People (Hanson's sometime collaborators), and a new and on-going series of portraits and `urban-details`.

"Nature hits the city streets the country tramp has veered off the footpath...."

Plans are a-foot for a new body of site-installation and other work displays. For more information about archive and current work projects please visit:

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