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Nooshin Farhid
Nooshin Farhid, Flip-Flop 2000

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Nooshin Farhid: motorised objects and videos

28th April to 21st May 2000
"...it may be a grasshopper, but it might want to be a bee: many insects seem to have a similar desire to appear under the romantic characteristic of the bee.
Of course Nature does not completely dissociate the grasshopper from the bee, but it tends to resist the desire of the grasshopper."

Nooshin Farhid, April 2000

In Nooshin Farhid's first solo show in London, fantasy interrupts the natural course of things. For within contemporary life, fantasy and imagination are used to hustle the familiar, revealing 'magic' in everything.

The starting point of her work is the attraction to objects she finds around her. A series of transformations take place. The objects become animated and embroiled in conspiracies with other apparently unrelated objects. This interplay presents the viewer with discrete challenges, both humorous and threatening

The artist utilises a wide range of media including motorised objects, animation, photoworks, computer-generated images and video.

Her work has recently been shown at the Geneva Video Festival and at the 13th Rencontres Video Art Plastique in Normandy, France.