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Emi Avora
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'Starting with images from property magazines, resort advertisements as well as sketches from direct observation, I try to create paintings of places that provide a space for dreaming. Initially interested in secondary possessions, places owned by other people, I am conveying a psychological space that hovers between the real and the fictional. Therefore, I am not aiming at a representation of a certain place rather than an indication of a one that acts as an entrance beyond it.

The paintings are often of medium scale and the images are usually built up by a number of painting layers, allowing the viewer to visually walk in and out of them. The marks that shape up the images look as if they are drawn rather than painted, creating a somehow unfocused visual journey through the picture. Light is of great significance in the work as it often acts as a way in or an exit point out of that journey. By an intersection of the everyday and the theatrical, I try to position the viewer into places of wonder and sometimes anxiety. I aspire to find hidden, otherworldy beauty through using the familiar.'




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High Life



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In and Out

MA Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, London 2002
BA(Hon) Fine Art, Ruskin school of Fine Art, Oxford University, 1999
Apolytirion, 2nd Lyceum, Corfu, Greece, 1996

Prizes & Travel Scholarships
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant - Canada 2005
Nairs Foundation Art Residency - Switzerland 2004
The Centre of Attention Prize - London 2002
The Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac Award - London 2002
Boise Foundation Travel Scholarship - New York 2002
Royal Academy Schools Travel Scholarship 2002
British Institution Fund Prize - London 2001
Prize for Obtaining First Class Degree - St Edmund Hall, Oxford 1999
Pirye Art Prize, Oxford University Press - Oxford 1998
Socrates Travel Scholarship, St Edmund Hall - Oxford 1998

'Art Futures 2005', Bloomberg space- London 2005
'Introductions', Greenberg Van Doren Gallery - New York 2005
'The Wonderful Fund Collection', Le Musée de Marrakech - Marrakech 2005
'Foster Art Collection Show', Foster Art Gallery - London 2005
'Armoury Show', Greenberg Van Doren Gallery - New York 2005
'London Now: Are You In Love Yet?', Arts Centre - St Petersburg, Florida, US 2005
'Short Stories About Glamour', Hiscox Art Projects - London 2004
'Schwanengesang', Mousonturm - Frankfurt 2004
'Draft', Nairs Culture Centre, Scuol - Switzerland 2004
BOC Prize Shortlist Show, Space Gallery - London 2004
'Summer Pursuits', Store Gallery - London 2004
'East End Academy', Whitechapel Gallery - London 2004
'Art Athina', Kappatos Gallery - Athens 2004
'Art Futures', CAS - London 2004
'Faith', Transition Gallery - London 2004
'Faith', CAS, Osaka - Japan 2004
'Then 6…developments', Phoenix Gallery - Brighton 2004
'Reduced', Century Gallery featuring the Centre of Attention - London 2003
'Miniatures', Sarah Myerscough Gallery - London 2003
'Lexmark European Prize Exhibition' - London 2003
'Aquaesale', Initinere, Salento - Italy 2003
'Arty-tecture', Transition Gallery - London 2003
'Artfutures 2003', CAS - London 2003
'Oriel Mostyn Open', Oriel Mostyn Gallery - Wales 2003
'The Last Day I Spent On Earth', Project Room - Glasgow 2003
'6Rooms2002', Kappatos Gallery - Athens 2002
'Art Prize', Centre Of Attention Gallery - London 2002
'DLA Art Award 2002', Sarah Myerscough Gallery - London 2002
'RA Degree Show, Royal Academy Schools - London 2002
'Kiss My Art', Gallery M - London 2002
'London Art Fair' - London 2002
'Premiums Show', Royal Academy (Sackler Gallery) - London 2001
'Art Hunting', Royal College Of Art - London 2000
'How We Built The World' - Liverpool 2000
'Ruskin Degree Show' - Oxford 1999
'Threads', Dolphin Gallery - Oxford 1999
'Raw', Wooster College Gallery - Oxford 1999
'Odyssey', Oxford University Press Bookshop - Oxford 1998
'Expeditions', Dolphin Gallery - Oxford 1998

Art's modern London Bridges, sptimes (Florida) January 2005
Short Stories About Glamour Exhibition Catalogue (London) 2004
Go East, Young man, The Observer (London) June 2004
Initinere Exhibition Catalogue (Italy) 2004
Tema Celeste 100 (Italy) 2003
La Repubblica (Italy) July 2003
Arty Magazine (London) 2003
Tower Place Collection Catalogue: A Selection Of Art At Tower Place (London) 2003
Mostyn Open 13 Exhibition Catalogue (Wales) 2003
Tema Celeste 95 (Italy) 2003
6Rooms2002 Exhibition Catalogue (Athens) 2002
Vima (Greece) November 2002
DLA Art Award Catalogue (London) 2002

Ernst & Young Collection
Contemporary Arts Society Collection
Marsh Collection
Wonderful Fund Collection
Slade Collection
Private Collections in UK, USA, Greece

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