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winnebago (Cologne)

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New Talents Cologne
Anna-Schneider-Steig 2
50678 Cologne
16 to 24 August 2008


On Saturday 16 August 2008, Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde from the Centre of Attention sat by the Rhine in Cologne, available for members of the public wishing to draw them.


The Centre of Attention Winnebago Cologne Summer 2008
the Centre of Attention in Cologne August 2008
Pierre and Gary from the Centre of Attention. Winnebago (2008) Cologne
Cologne, Summer 2008, Winnebago by the Centre of Attention
Winnebago (Cologne August 2008)
Gary and Pierre from the Centre of Attentio n (Winnebago, 2008)
Winnebago 2008
Cologne, Summer 2008, The Centre of Attention's Winnebago

the Centre of Attention thanks the British Council for their kind support

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