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The Centre of Attention Permanent Collection

15th March to 25th March 2001

at 15 Cotton's Gardens, Shoreditch

The Centre of Attention Permanent Collection opened its doors to the public from 15th to 25th March.

The work shown was bought, found, won or mostly donated by artists who have exhibited at the Centre of Attention since its creation in 1999. It is a unique combination of emerging artistic talents which defines the sensibility of one of the most exciting new galleries in London.

This collection of 21st Century European Art includes David Hockney, Ben, Emily Wardill, Pam Skelton, Ceal Floyer, Franko B, Frida Yngstrom, Fiona Banner, Sheila Ernst-Bifano, Li Cassidy, Lenka Clayton, Josie McCoy, Dallas Seitz, Gary O'Dwyer, Eileen Perrier, Tonia Noikovitch, Jo Addison, Katharina Heilein, Catherine Rive, Nooshin Farhid, b.reed, Little Richard Powers, the Sunday Conceptualist, Charlotte Mew, Felix Gonzales Torres, William Overstall and many more including some anonymous and unattributed works.

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