the centre of attention

The Centre of Attention at Shoreditch Church


Friday 6 December 2002, 7 pm
Art Video Screening

Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch High Street, London E1
Entrance is free. No bookings. Please arrive promptly.

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Curated by Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde, this screening brings together art video from around the world.
The familiar Shoreditch landmark of St Leonard's Church ("when I grow rich say the bells of Shoreditch...") will kindly play host to the Centre of Attention event.
The curator's priorities in their selection of work have been few fold, but namely they have wished to challenge complacency in Art Video's prevailing orthodoxy (memento mori, solipsism, didacticism and glum), to examine the transcendental and spiritual and to provide a delineation of humanity's flight from reality.
The Centre of Attention brings you Reason, Religion and reality for the discerning mind's eye but only for one night!




Franko B/Tim Etchells , Michelle Barber , Matti Isan Blind
Sylvie Fleury , Matthieu Laurette , Trine-Lise Nedreaas
Gary O'Dwyer , Tai Shani , Paul Rooney
Konstantin Skotnikov/Dmitry Bulnygin/Slava Mizin
Markus Vater , Kay Walsh

With a performance from Lee Adams



Shoreditch Church was built by George Dance the Elder in 1736/1740.


The spire is an imitation of Wren's magnificent steeple on St Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside.
Its main act of worship is on Sunday morning at 10.30 am and is open to all.

Our thanks go to the Revd Paul Turp, Rector.

The whipping post and village stocks are still on view in the entrance.


Start performance: Lee Adams

Screening: Sylvie Fleury: Viva Las Vegas to 7.30pm Konstantin Skotnikov/Dmitry Bulnygin/Slava Mizin: 14 performances in a bunker + extracts from Rythms (20 mins) Paul Rooney: Good Morning Call (3 mins) Michelle Barber: Video extracts (3 mins) Trine-Lise Nedreaas: Peter-Frank Shilling (extracts, 8 mins) Kay Walsh: Nylon and Lace (1 min) Matti Isan Blind: Absult Boredom (5 mins) Tai Shani: untitled (3 mins) Gary O¹Dwyer: 3 Films 2002 (4 mins) Markus Vater: 1 (1 min) Franko B/Tim Etchells: Taxinomy (11 mins) Matthieu Laurette: Le spectacle n¹est pas termine (2 mins) Sylvie Fleury: Zen & Speed (loop)

End performance: Lee Adams