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Boyle Family: London Sound Study

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Boyle Family in their studio

Exhibition: 1 October to 7 November 2004 on
Opening party: Saturday 2 October 7pm at Construction, 24a Calvin St, London E1 6NW

The sound study project began in October 2002 when Boyle Family asked visitors to Construction art space to throw darts at an unseen target. This was a mixed-up nine sheet A-Z map of Greater London which extended beyond the M25.

79 sites were pinpointed by the darts and each visitor was also asked to choose a random time - one of the minutes of the day.

Over the following months Boyle Family went to each site and recorded one minute of its sound at the given time. This sampling of a moment gives the work a filmic suggestivity and a zen-like quality.

From 1 October to 7 November, the files were available to listen and to download from the Centre of Attention homepage onto your computer or iPod for free.

With this aural exhibition, the Centre of Attention has sought to further its examination of the formalities of production, distribution and consumption of art. It also provides an accessible, easy and alternative interface to the traditional gallery experience.

With thanks to Darryl Biggs.

February 2005: due to the number of requests, the sound files have been made available in the library section.


To coincide with the London Sound Study, Boyle Family also presented Early Projections (1 Oct.-7 Nov., Wednesdays to Sundays, 11 am to 6 pm) at Construction, 24a Calvin Street, London E1 6NW.

The light works were created by Mark Boyle and Joan Hills in the 1960s, as part of their project to make an objective, all inclusive, examination of reality. Their meltings slides, exploding liquids and colours were a defining part of the underground psychedelic scene when they worked with Jimi Hendrix and Soft Machine at the UFO club. For images and more information on Early Projections, click here