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Benedict Carpenter

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Benedict's sculptures have the authority of statements, but they function as questions. Like eggs, they are formally and self-referentially complete, un-hatched, contained and biographically unresolved.

They invite multiple interpretations; they could be birds, buffalos or bugaboos. But they are not disorganised accidents untouched by the shaping mind. The forms are composed to be suggestive but without assuming a fixed and recognisable identity: they are precisely like nothing at all.

Art is a kind of flirtation. It draws the viewer in, exciting interst through beauty, scandal or ugliness. A lot of art is "about" something: poverty, beauty, god, whatever. but Benedict's work is emphatically "about" nothing. Its purpose, if it has one, is fugitive even to its maker. Although its subject is volatile, its operating parameters are easy to define: the work sits between maker and audience, belonging to nobody but itself. It plays on this strange relationship, turning the ground between them into a space where the most peculiar advances can be made.

Some of the drawings are proposals intended to explain how a sculpture might look. Most of them are just images of objects that intersted the artist, exercises after the abstractions of sculpture. A few of them are more complex games - like the terracotta sculpture, they are unmoored from their origins and cast adrift.



Benedict Carpenter

"lobster" Ink, Paper 2001


Benedict Carpenter

"green frog" Aluminium, 1999


Benedict Carpenter

Installation 1999


Benedict Carpenter

"Daddy" polyurethane foam flock 2002


Ben Carpenter

"Flocked object", polyurethane foam flock 1999


Benedict Carpenter

Untitled paper collage 2001


2001 Jerwood Sculpture Prize commission for Witley Court
1999 Commission for a sculpture park in up-state New York

2001 Jerwood Sculpture Prize

1999 Shaping the Future, Remet UK award
1999 The Jean and Eric Cass Centenary Scholarship

2004 PITCH The Queen of Hungary, Norwich
2003 NEW WORK Henry Peacock Gallery, London
2002 SCULPTURE + DRAWING: 2 Malvern Forum, Malvern
2001 SCULPTURE + DRAWING: 1 Henry Peacock Gallery, London
1999 GREEN Mellow Birds, London

2004 ZOMBIE Galerie Ferdinand-Ude, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
SCHWANENGESANG Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany
HOPE Christies, London
London Art Fair, Space Station Sixty Five, London
2003 REDUCED Century Gallery / Centre of Attention, London
THY NEIGHBOURS' OX Space Station Sixty Five, London
VICE Henry Peacock Gallery, London
DRAWING 100 The Drawing Room, London
SCULPTURE IN THE WILD II Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire
2002 CENTRE OF ATTENTION ART PRIZE The Centre of Attention, London
NEW WORK e1, London
NEW RELIGIOUS ART Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool
NEW RELIGIOUS ART Henry Peacock Gallery, London
JERWOOD SCULPTURE PRIZE Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2001 JERWOOD SCULPTURE PRIZE Jerwood Space, London
PRESSING FLESH Cambridge Archaeological Museum, Cambridge
KUNST-DARM Henry Peacock Gallery, London
ACTION ON ADDICTION, Sotheby’s, London
Henry Peacock Gallery, London
1999 NATURAL DEPENDENCY Jerwood Space, London

Richard Cork "Jerwood Sculpture Prize" Jerwood Space 6/11/01
David Barrett "Natural Dependency" Jerwood Space 3/11/99

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Benedict Carpenter   Benedict Carpenter  


Universal object, Bronze 2001



"Beardsley", Bronze 2001