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Architectures of survival

An exhibition curated by Komplot, Brussels at Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

December 4-14, 2008
Opening Reception Thursday, December 4, 6-9pm
Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 12-4pm
6375 N. Figueroa Street, LA CA 90042

With Aline Bouvy / John Gillis, Andrea Winkler, Bad Beuys Entertainment, David Evrard, Fayçal Baghriche, Francisco Camacho, Frédéric Plateus aka Recto, Ivan Argote, Jaro Straub, Jason Crowe, Jean-Philippe Convert, Jim Skuldt, Kurt Ryslavy, Matthew Burbidge, Messieurs Delmotte, Michael Van Den Abeele, Michalis Pichler, Michelle Naismith, NG, Pauline Bastard, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, The Centre Of Attention, Yona Friedman

Exhibition view for architectures of survival



The work of Hungarian architect Yona Friedman (*1923, Budapest, lives in Paris) is the starting point for this exhibition with the title itself being a reflexive reference to Friedman's 1975 book 'Architecture Of Survival' (MIT Press, USA). The book looks at the precarious nature of modern society and suggests creative strategies for countering the problems thrown up by hyper-consumption and capitalist modes of spatial and social organization. Friedman rose to prominence with his manifesto 'L'Architecture Mobile' ('Mobile Architecture', 1958) and plan for a utopian city 'La Ville Spatiale' ('The Spatial City', 1959) ; his ideas led him beyond architecture and to engagement with sociology, economics, mathematics, information science, planning, visual art and film-making.

Today, his writings have become influential as architectural concepts that take as their starting point the perspective of those existing in a state of generalized poverty within the capitalist economic model. He proposes structures for the unpredictable, providing the means and ways for people to determine, re-appropriate and re-invent their own living environment beyond the normative functional ability of new social forms to shape their own living spaces.

Relative to Friedman's method of re-appropriating architecture as a creative tool -through the creation of "do it yourself" manuals, instructions and recipes- the exhibition will articulate the way in which the actual creative process integrates the notions of survival and mobility. Fundamentally, how the artworks 'survive' their original context. The artist's work will deal with 'traces' and 'remains' of performances and actions, this being an area of investigation privileged in the project, the participative and performative aspects of the works being crucial within this context. One of the common material characteristics of the works exhibited is 'lightness' and economy of means. Whether they are constructed from recuperated material, fabric, objects or paper or are audio-visual, they are designed to be easily transportable - allowing improvisational flexibility of creation and presentation.

With Architectures Of Survival, there is the creation of a certain 'critical distance' apropos artistic social utopian trains of thought and a desire to revive the exhibition model and its relationship with the spectator.


Andrea Winkler's work in Outpost exhibition



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