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Exhibition: Aperitif
15th to 22nd October 2003

Developing on its international programme of art exhibitions, The Centre of Attention is delighted to present Exhibition: Aperitif

This show/work is an opportunity to bring together a few of the predominating themes of this experimental London-based art gallery:

1 The idea that the exhibition produces the work.
2 The nature of a show, as one of flux and change; the almost blank beginning being altered by accrued material.
3 The performative aspect of art/life understood as a profound self conscious focus into the nature of human intercourse.
4 The notion of the gallery as an interface or nodal point where paths cross, ideas collide and texts, human as well as literal, may undergo synthesis.

This show offers art world professionals (and gifted amateurs) the chance to take up one of these Aperitif moments between the 15th and the 22nd October. This ostensibly involves a meeting with the curators of the Centre in your hotel bar (or other) for one aperitif and 30 mins (approx) of interlocution. Due to demand for the limited number of places we have put in place a priority fee to be exchanged at the meeting. This amount of 20 Euros/dollars will also secure you a unique receipt that will also act as proof of participation in the show/work.

For an aperitif, email or call +(44) 20 7729 0699 leaving your contact details.


aperitif   aperitif   aperitif
aperitif   aperitif   aperitif
aperitif   aperitif   aperitif
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