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Action Diana by the Centre of Attention


Action Diana
Dir: the Centre of Attention
(65 mins)

The Centre of Attention has created a cover version of a classic film shot for shot starring members of the public. The footage produced is a document of performances in the gallery space, a comical and absurd series related to live art and dada. The work suggests a notion of the poverty of video art against the wealth of art in the movie.

Filmed in Liverpool, Mount Stuart, Glasgow, Vienna, Berlin and Gothenburg, Action Diana has a story, but the artist’s atomisation of it creates a myriad of art quotations, an intriguing double helix of narrative and a portrait of early 21st Century gallery visitors.

Three special preview screenings of Action Diana are taking place, as part of AND, the first festival of new cinema and digital culture.

FACT Liverpool
Sunday 27 September 2009, 4.30pm*

Cornerhouse Manchester
Monday 28 September 2009, 5pm* and 8.30pm


To coincide with the screening, a selection of stills is exhibited at Cornerhouse in Manchester, 23 to 30 September 2009.


Contact: the Centre of Attention, 67 Clapton Common, London E5 9AA




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