the centre of attention
Danny Treacy
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'Them' involves collecting items of clothing, all found, all belonging to many different anonymous individuals. These are then dismantled and reassembled to create a composite, a figure (myself), completely covered by the clothes of strangers, becoming a formless entity...they are a result of my actions whereby I put myself in closest proximity to others, to strangers, without them actually being there... in these states, in these constructed suits where people may have breathed, undressed, fucked or died I am close to them...this closeness without them being there is both stimulating and disappointing, and so the photograph is a trophy of an act and also proof of a failure, a failure to gain possession of something that I'm not sure I really want anyway...although for the most part even if a photograph doesn't occur, masturbation usually does...the results are self-portraits of fictional, yet disturbingly familiar figures...the intimacy gained becomes a subversion, a desire to get close that results in a violation.

Danny Treacy, 2002.


Danny Treacy - Them Danny Treacy - Them
Danny Treacy - Them Danny Treacy - Them