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The Women's Art Library/Make, the organization of women in the arts (1982-2002) publisher of The Women Artists Slide Library Newsletter and Journal (1983-1990), The Women's Art Magazine (1990-1996), Make, the magazine of women's art (1996-2002)


Make magazine


Generational differences were acutely felt within the Women's Art Library where separate feminist cultures emerged and the very term "feminist", swung from being a stamp of approval to the proverbial hot potato. The growth of the Library was set against the voracious metabolism of the Magazine, which saw itself 'like many women artists' pushing through the 'feminist' time barrier. Being an editorial space it was not the showcase for women's art some had assumed. 'Debate' became the organization's sales pitch, and the Magazine assumed the role of catalyst, devil's advocate, authority and talent scout to seduce its artworld audience and funders in a way that the Library could not. This did not last.

Althea Greenan




Women artists slide library at the Battersea arts centre



Women Artists Slide Library



Women's Art Magazine



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Women's Day at CSM in 2001