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BANK ran BANKSPACE, then DOG, then Gallerie Poo Poo throughout the 90s, so they could make shows like nobody else, and for as long as it was fun; until January 1999, when they stopped, to do real art, like everybody else.

Simon Bedwell 1991 - 2003
Milly Thompson 1993 - 2003
John Russell 1991 - 2000
Andrew Williamson 1993 - 1998
David Burrows 1993 - 1995
Dino Demosthenous 1991 - 1992


BANK  / Liz Arnold show  May 1997 courtesy Bank


BANK SHOWS 1991-2003

ART IS HELL, The Suburban, Chicago

BANK Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London

2001, Chapman Fine Arts, London

BANK, Centre for Artist Books, University of Dundee

PRESS RELEASE Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, New York, USA
IF HOPE WAS A TIME MACHINE Magazin 4,Bregenz, Austria
DEAD LIFE Mayor Gallery, London
PRESS RELEASE BANK show (solo), Gallerie Poo Poo, London

WHITE3 (Bank, Bethan Huws), Gallerie Poo Poo, London
WHITE3 (Bank, Art & Language), Gallerie Poo Poo, London
WHITE3 (Bank, Lolly Batty), Gallerie Poo Poo, London
WE BELIEVE IN ART! Gallerie Poo Poo, London
GALLERIE WINNER (BANK, Wayne Lloyd) Gallerie Poo Poo, London
CONFERENCE Waygood Gallery, Newcastle

SEWAGE LUST ICA (Nash&Brandon Rooms), London
JESUS WAS A JEWThe Works, Berlin,Germany
MASK OF GOLD (Christy Astuy, Bank, David Burrows, Roddy Thomson & the Lowe Brothers, Margarita Gluzberg, Mark Jones, Peter Seymour, Eric Wright) Gallerie Poo Poo, London
WINKLE THE POT BELLIED PIG AND HIS WOODLAND CHUMS (Bank, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Minimal Club, John Cussans & Ranu Mukhergee, Michelle Griffiths, Russell Haswell)
Gallerie Poo Poo, London & Bricks and Kicks, Vienna
GOD (Liz Arnold, Bank), DOG, London

DOG-U-MENTAL VIII!!! (Terry Atkinson, Bank, Dave Beech, David Burrows, Carina Diepens, Keith Farquar, Rebecca Howard, Michael Kay, Graham Ramsay, Fergal Stapleton, John Stezaker, Milly Thompson, Rebecca Warren,
Wayne Winner), DOG, London
Viper/BANK TV (130 artists incl. Liz Arnold, Dave Beech, David Burrows, Tracey Emin, Michael Kay, Leeds United, Orphan Drift, Bob & Roberta Smith, Martin Vincent, Wayne Winner), DOG, London/Dukes Bar, Manchester
FUCK OFF! (Bank, Lolly Batty, Gavin Turk, Rebecca Warren), DOG, London
THE HAPPY SQUIRREL CLUB (BANK show: Liz Arnold, BANK, Anke Dessin, Stephen Glynn,
Roddy Thompson & Colin Lowe, Neil Miller, Matt Mitchell, Mike Nelson, Peter Newman,
Stephen Nicolas/Stephen Caley, Orphan Drift, Rebecca Warren) De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands

COCAINE ORGASM (Tim Allen, Liz Arnold, Bank, Lolly Batty, Dave Beech, Simon Bill, John Cussans & Ranu Mukhergee, Stephen Glynn, Gerard Hemsworth, Simon Martin/Anna Mossman, Soren Martinsen, Muntean/Rosenblum, Chris Ofili, Janette Parris, John Stezaker, Michael Stubbs, Jessicca Voorsanger, Rebecca Warren, Max Wigram, Andrew Williamson) ,BANKSPACE, London
THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (Bank, Simon Bedwell, John Cussans & Colin Lane, Matthew Higgs, 0rphan.drift>, Ingrid Pollard, Bob & Roberta Smith, cur Bank), BANKSPACE, London, BANKcatalogue
ZOMBIE GOLF (Bank, Dave Beech, Adam Chodzko, Maria Cook, Martin Creed, Peter Doig, Matthew Higgs, Sivan Lewin, John Stezaker), BANKSPACE, London

WISH YOU WERE HERE (BANK show: Simon Bedwell, Sonia Boyce, David Burrows, The Cabinet Gallery, Lucy Gunning, Anne Lislegaard, Matt Mitchell, Ian Pratt, John Russell, Bob & Roberta Smith, Milly Thompson, Andrew Williamson, cur Bank), BANKSPACE, London & Newcastle

NATURAL HISTORY (Simon Bedwell, David Burrows, John Russell, Milly Thompson, John Timberlake, Andrew Williamson), 2-6 Battlebridge Road, London

SPACE INTERNATIONAL (BANK show: Simon Bedwell, Luis Contreras, Dino Demosthenous, Valentine Figueros, Esther McLaughlin, Susanna Medina, Derek Ogbourne, Jim Russell, John Russell, Stephen Park, Clifton Steinberg, John Timberlake, cur Bank/Susanna Medina), 2-6 Battlebridge Road, London BANKcatalogue & El Dientes Del Tiempo Gallery, Valencia, Spain catalogue
CHLORINE (BANK show: Simon Bedwell, Dino Demosthenous, John Russell, Chris Winter, Julia Judge, Carole Smith) Marshall Street Leisure Centre. Soho, London

BANK (Simon Bedwell, Dino Demosthenous, John Russell, Carole Smith, Chris Winter), Lewisham Way, London


Selected Group shows:

FRASS (Bank, Simon Bill, Simon Bedwell & Milly Thompson, Dinos Chapman, Jake Chapman, Nigel Cooke, Critical Decor, David Falconer, Russell Haswell, Chris Jones, Jonathon Meese, Rebecca Warren:),UBS Bullion Vault, London.
DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THAT FROG WHO WANTED TO BE A PRINCE? HE WENT TO A BED AND DREAMED THAT HE WAS ONE... WOKE UP AND FOUND THAT HE HAD BECOME ONE. HE WAS STILL A FROG (Simon Bedwell, Bank, Barry Reigate, Gillian Carnegie, Jake & Dinos Chapman Margarita Gluzberg, Richard Kern, Alistair MacKinven, Club Egg, London
STILL LIFE (2002-5) (Bank, Anne Barribal, Martin Boyce, Patrick Caulfield, Nigel Cooke, AK Dolven, Roger Hiorns, Emma Kay, Christine Mackie, Mike Nelson, John Riddy, Jane Simpson, Simon Starling, Rebecca Warren, Gary Webb cur: Anne Gallagher/British Council) Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama City, Museo de Arte Moderna, Guatemala City, SESI, Sao Paulo Museo de Belles Artes, Caraccas Museo de Arte Carrillo Gill, Mexico City Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Bogota Museo de Belles Artes, Santiago
FORGETKULT (2003) (web interview BANK, Simon Bedwell, Storm van Helsen) The McAllister Institute, New York
JOHN MOORES 22 (2002) (38 artists incl. Bank, Ian Davenport, Peter Davies, Gerard Hemsworth, Chantal Joffe, Wayne Lloyd, Martin Maloney, Lisa Milroy, John Russell, cur Matthew Collings, Fiona Rae, Jenny Saville) The Walker, Liverpool. Prizewinner
ART CRAZY NATION (2002) (Bank, Merlin Carpenter, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Colin Lowe & Roddy Thompson, John Russell, Sarah Lucas, Sarah Staton, cur.Matthew Collings), Milton Keynes Gallery
CENTURY CITY (2001) Tate Modern, London
PROTEST & SURVIVE (2000) Whitechapel Gallery, London
GET TOGETHER (1999) (c.30 artists incl. Bank/Art & Language, Mark Dion/Alexis Rockman, Martin Kippenberger, John Miller, Georgio Sadotti, cur. Wolfgang Fetz), Kunsthalle Wien, Austria
EAST (1999) (Group show, selectors Peter Doig, Roy Arden), Norwich Gallery
LIFE/LIVE (1996/7) (Bank, Angela Bulloch, City Racing, Cubit Street, Douglas Gordon, Cerith Wyn Evans, Bethan Huws, Liam Gillick, John Latham, Sam Taylor-Wood, Matt Collishaw, Gustav Metzger, Steve McQueen)
Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris & Centro Cultural De Belem, Lisbon